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Slumberland - Arby DeCamp - Sleep By Numbers - Lullabies For Children Of All Ages (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Dajin

Oct 27,  · Sleep By Numbers by Arby DeCamp Go Unlimited out of 5 stars Best Lullabies ever. Reviewed in the United States on July 25, Verified Purchase. Not just for children. Grown ups can benefit from this CD also. Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful/5(3). Jan 01,  · Check out Sleep By Numbers by Arby DeCamp on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on CD REVIEW: Arby DeCamp - Sleep By Numbers By Jane Eamon - 12/16/ - PM EST. Artist: Arby DeCamp Album: Sleep By Numbers CD Review: Leonard Cohen sings lullabies with Django Reinhardt on guitar!! What a combination. When it works, that’s exactly what Arby DeCamp’s CD, Sleep By Numbers is numbers – Go To Sleep and As I Go To Sleep do just that successfully.

And please, anything you do find of use here, please do apply it to zines and publications on an infinite number of subjects beyond music, also. Our policy at Loud And Quiet has always been to never trade editorial space for advertising deals, which has meant, in the past, turning away money that could have been put to very good use.

Crunchy guitars; squelchy synths; ethereal vocals. Still, you can never tell them you love their record now and have them believe it. You are an evil, snooping journalist and no one likes you. As the job gets bigger, upgrade your sports bag to a tartan shopper, and your shopper to a car or van. Eventually build up a team of trusted hands for places further afield we now have help from record distributors Forte, and friends in Manchester, Sheffield and Leedsbut always do as much as you can yoursel.

Or Album) grammar. Are you kidding!? Put out something in December? Trust me, you would enjoy reading them even less than we would making them. If Sleigh Bells turn up and give you a genuine thrill, however fleeting it may or may not transpire to be, tell the world about it and say you were really high if anyone asks. Take The Daily Mail… please.

Harness that for at least the next 10 years. And massive, for your stage at the festival? If things go as well as you hope, you too could wrestle with such logistical nightmares. On the contrary, it costs a hell of a lot in the beginning, which is where your delusions of grandeur — not to mention your love for these bands that now hate you — will come in handy.

And if the. I am sorry to report that the names Vice and Dazed are both already being used by other people.

Working from home for too long actually means the opposite of doing fuck all and watching Deal Or No Deal all day. Take everything to a cupboard on the other side of town, where you can leave it until tomorrow.

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Due to a combination of E and I, and plain and simple poor taste, hands up, sometimes we get it very wrong. Having pawed over 10 years of Loud And Quiet this month, it seems that we actually said the following…. It is. Whether you do go it alone or buddy up, you owe it to your mag to be a bit of a Nazi. You could easily be made to think that a photo series on the life of Ian Beale is not such a hot idea if you ask for a second opinion. Just get your thing out there. It was actually pretty amazing.

Built out of a shared love of lo-fi, punk and experimental records, and a vision to create a place where bands could record and practice for cheap. Jasper and Withers have long been involved with local bands Witching Waves and Human Hair, respectively but the guys are keen to point out that there is no driving principle or defining sound to the work they do at Sound Savers.

Jasper sets me straight. I guess the difference is that we have always tried to be sympathetic to the needs of any band that comes in here — we try to put the band first, which, for me, is what DIY is about. With the pressure of having to be the next big thing easing off, the scene is starting to regenerate, with a small cottage industry of practice studios, promoters and venues allowing bands and artists to find and develop their sound and followings at what feels like a more natural pace.

They may be niche. We both try and support grassroots stuff and build a community. Everywhere is new build flats, bringing their affluent residents and rising rents. Like it or not, Hackney is changing. Even before the interview had started, the guys were discussing how a new block of flats might mean that they would have to shell out to soundproof one of. Gentrification might be bringing with it an arm full of challenges, but it is also opening up a lot of opportunities, as Mark identifies.

Even if Hackney just becomes a massive warren of wine bars and expensive loft apartments, there is always going to be something going on somewhere, so Sound Savers will always have a niche to fill. But then, just as quietly as she had emerged, Campbell disappeared.

Exactly five years on, Lonelady has resurfaced with a follow-up that on first inspection could have been. Indeed, the two records are more similar than they are different, and unarguably built from the same deliberately simple blocks of programmed drums and two-note riffs.

The effect is. Five years to follow up a record is an awfully long time in the currently fevered, grabbing climate of posteverything pop music — but by the same token, countless second albums are made hurriedly and limply, and end up taking their authors down with them.

But it also carries a more muscular and inclusive warmth to its outsiderness, Album) hints repeatedly at a sense of community brought together by dance music. I n sto res Ma rch Here was an artist who, in the vein of Mike Skinner and early Arctic Monkeys, filled her songs with relatable real-world events; taking everyday personal experiences and making their mundanity relatably entertaining.

Occasionally Barnett veers away from her half-sung, half-spoken vocal trope and towards a contrasting sweetness of delivery, as in the.

For a while now, Matthew E. White has been going about his work with a quiet confidence. The leaves of his songs unfurl gradually, morphing with a restrained grace so that by the time you arrive at their euphoric climaxes you wonder how on earth you got there. But there is also a deceptive diversity to the songs on. Side projects fall into two distinct categories, members conjuring up a similar fare to their usual band with subtle differences or them experimenting with sounds that are the polar opposite to their usual bag.

He has, after all, ghost written for Taylor Swift before now. From the ceaseless drone of psych rock revivalists still on the rise are Moon Duo — a San Francisco twosome with a predilection for all of the essential elements of psych: repetitive, fuzzed-up riffs, suppressed and barely-there vocals, and a persistent, near-apocalyptic organ underpinning it all.

Recalling the cosmic, sonic explorations of their homeland with a more present take on the Bay Area sound, here they resemble a contemporary version of Jefferson Airplane, while sounding altogether more concise than ever, with new addition John Jeffrey applying some deftly propulsive drumming for heightened hypnosis.

The medium is tedious, but they sure do it well. In recent years, Dan Deacon has been flirting with a potential problem that you could very well argue is of his own making — with his once prodigious rate of return having gradually slowed a little he turned out eight releases between andthe weight of expectation now increases with every record he does put out.

LP, to its final note, this is a self-conscious, vapid, and utterly pointless pastiche of better music and better ideas that has no place on any record shelf, hard drive or streaming service.

The best way to describe it is that every song on the album is a bit like something else, except much worse. And the hook. If this is what punk sounds like in then Strummer will have an awful lot of turning to do down below. Perhaps when Green eventually does grow up things will improve but for now this genuinely feels like satire. Prudhomme layers dense harmony, lush electro and Trap beats into a compelling work, which may not supply the same clarity of his more recent output, but remains a prodigious prequel.

So we. On paper, this might seem like a schizophrenic approach, but when it works it flashes with moments of dazzling brilliance. Ignore the 4AD logo and the ethereal artwork for a second. Album number seven — the first Lightning Bolt release in three years but first batch of new material in six — sees the twosome decamp to a professional studio but somehow still do a stellar job of boosting fidelity without dialling down their energy or idiosyncrasies.

Approach with giddy trepidation. Wiry, intense, sharp vocals that can shriek and pierce float above off-kilter guitar lines that weave and meld between pop sensibility and twitching experimentation. Tempos vary greatly, going from slow-brooding jams with flashes and sparks of wild guitar to moments of propulsive explosiveness. Does David Ivar love to boogie?

From the frivolous walking bassline to the fuzzy guitar jabs, those inaugural four minutes herald a joyous new lease of life for its project creator — the sort that Marc Bolan encountered after he put down the acoustic guitar and wheeled in.

It sounds like his former band in Technicolor, blown up and projected on a widescreen. The fact that you have no idea who Arthur is should tell you how well it turned out, and its follow up inwhich caused Harper to ditch music and become a rocket scientist. Well, Songhoy Blues faced this problem when Islamic militants took over Timbuktu and banned music-making.

For the most part, this is impressively doomy, monochrome stuff. Stylistically, Jesso Jr has abandoned any thoughts of breaking new ground and instead plays to his obvious strength: a classic simplicity in songwriting approach. And so this album is largely comprised of mostly. Used to doing things earlier than most, it was a kind of mid-life crisis a full 15 years ahead of schedule.

With it we see Marling. Written and recorded while on a lengthy and uneasy sojourn in L. Far removed from her rural Hampshire home, she sings of isolation in the sprawling metropolis and explores notions of identity. For all the inner and outer turmoil, though, we see an artist chiselling away at her aesthetic and emerging from the dust with her most bold and resolute effort yet.

Much could be made of the songs being written primarily on an electric rather than acoustic guitar, but really the song structures remain the same and the muted roar of the opening track is quickly banished as business resumes largely as usual. What is impressive, though, is the added poeticism and confidence in her vocals. It may be short but, thankfully, she still has a big part to play.

The latter can be perceived most. There are seven players on stage with Kenny Anderson tonight, foremost amongst them a string section, which elevates the very good to the truly memorable. Anderson is a relaxed and accomplished performer, given to offhand, self-deprecating banter, a. By contrast the songs themselves carry an intensity and seriousness that is incredibly moving.

Listened to tonight, in these surroundings and in an atmosphere. What makes tonight feel especially unique is that King Creosote refuses to simply reproduce his vast studio output in. Each song a variance from its original that feels alive and spontaneous, even if it is highly polished.

Tonight her voice effortlessly conveys boundlessness, and an emotional reticence in human relationships. Lawrence than Kurt Cobain. Clearly, it was a different time. Back in the days before the encore was pre-planned, the songs set in stone before the show began, it was in the interests of those opposed to the concept to leave nothing in the tank by the end of the set.

Of all the artists to have quietly broken through during the final moments ofthe avant-garde folk musician from Newcastle, Richard Dawson, was by far the nicest surprise and perhaps the most musically revelatory. This show is bumped up from a DIY space to accommodate his ever-swelling appreciation, for which he seems incredibly humbled by tonight. A performance as unique as it is remarkable. The only giveaway of any nerves is Prass herself, filling the inter-song gaps alternately with effusive thanks for the support and bafflement at the pin-drop obedience of a midweek London room, Album), although even that diffidence carries a goofy charisma that helps bridge the gap between her clear delight at playing for such a receptive crowd and the discomforting memories stirred up by singing her break-up album of songs.

The trio may have chartered themselves a set that sails through a rolling sea of discordance in this intimate live room, but shallowly buried beneath this avant-garde top layer is a dense sea of hooks and melodies. With the Academy Awards imminent, Tom Fenwick runs through the big 10 categories and his tips on who will be triumphant on February 22, versus who should be.

What will win: Boyhood. Best Director: Alejandro G. Who will in: Richard Linklater Boyhood. A broken man in the midst of an escalating breakdown. On paper its narrative smacks of a mawkish Lifetime movie, but the end result is a compelling tale of resilience and redemption. And at the centre of that story is Witherspoon, who despite an absence from the mainstream, imbues all of her performances with a magnetic and relatable charm.

Who will win: Julianne Moore Still Alice. Some will see him as an obsessive perfectionist who pushes at the boundaries of psychological endurance for the sake of art.

Who will win: JK Simmons Whiplash. Even more surprising, is that Stone filmed her parts for the movie inbetween breaks on the set of The Amazing Spiderman 2, so at least we can now say something good came out of her time in New York. Who will win: Patricia Arquette Boyhood.

Gilroy draws us into a twilight world of sleazy ambulance chasers. Nightcrawler gives sharp, smart, funny and horrifying — yet utterly non-judgemental — insight into what monsters lurk behind the smile of a desperate man.

What Will Win: Nightcrawler. What will win: The Theory Of Everything. What will win: Citizenfour. What will win: Glory Selma. But director Damien Chazelle — in only his second feature — has crafted something truly special. An astounding, visceral thriller that is by turns gripping, powerful, life-affirming and — most surprisingly of all — about jazz drumming… no, wait… come back. The plot is startlingly slight. It follows the story of Andrew Neiman Miles Tellera preternaturally skilled music student with the ego to match, who wants to win a place on the finest band in his college.

And it will leave you with a feeling few films provide; that you are truly alive. Get the look Waasssaaaaaauppp! Safe and stylish, you can get it in all sorts of colours light blue, dark blue and it never goes out of fashion. I mean, can you imagine it!? Me in Skins!!!?? They could never afford me. Summer is coming and no one wants to pull a raw sausage.

Well, this was a mistake. Chloe has such fat arms. Do I still love this man? Blending in nicely, John. Happy face. FYI, Thorpe Park was brilliant! And I did sex Just queuing for Loggers Leap. Deciding whether to take off my trilby or not about 6 hours ago from device.

Blame Catchphrase. Tony is crying. Behind the scenes, House Party was nearly always this exciting, and yet we always found the Mr Blobby head; Tony always got hit by the custard pie at the right time. And then it was over, just like that. November 09 September 10 01 September - 04 May 06 05 03 02 07 July 08 September 15 13 16 11 30 14 12 29 August 23 20 22 October 27 17 25 18 26 21 August 28 19 June 24 Supertones Forward to the Future The O.

Supertones Another Show The O. Alive P. Boom P. Set it off P. Overture Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky " Kelly The Time Warp R. SUV R. Orange Crush R. Pop Song 89 R. Get Up R. You Are The Everything R. Stand R. World Leader Pretend R. The Wrong Child R. Turn You Inside-Out R. Hairshirt R. I Remember California R. Untitled R.

Begin the Begin R. Superman R. Wright L. Fire and Ice Shake Some Action! Tomorrow Sixx:A. System of a Down A. System of a Down Mr. All The Things She Said t. Not Gonna Get Us t. They Might Be Giants Mandala feat. Bad One I Saw The Wind Come Walk With Me. This self titled album and 2nd album are important ones in American folk and country music history. Highly recommended for folk music collectors. This CD contains two Album) tracks. A must for NRBQ fans!

Lyrics and liner notes included. Contains 16 fabulous songs written by Jay and Jerry Hopkins. A must for pop-sike geeks! First time on CD housed in a paper sleeve LP miniature. By the time ended, many of the groups in Texas that started out playing British Invasion and folk-rock music, were now immersing themselves in the newly emerging psychedelic music.

The five groups that comprise this album reflect the changes that occurred during this period and four of them even changed their names to sound more Album). If the 13th Floor Elevators were the epitome of what a Texas psychedelic band was, then the groups on this album were not far behind in trying to emulate that state of existence. Here then are twenty-two tracks compiling the changes that occurred from late towhen the Texas bands went metaphorically speaking from "Kool-Aid" to "Electric Kool-Aid Acid".

A native of Wisconsin, John grew up fascinated with music and audio recording and to date has produced 9 albums of his original music. Intelligent contemporary folk with meaningful lyrics about love, personal growth and spirituality, John's music has one goal in mind: your heart. People Like You is John Villemonte's first album released privately in A true home made album at its peak; John recorded this album on a 4 track reel deck in a bedroom.

It's a lazy afternoon vibe from start to finish with memorable songs and great vocals. The production is low-key, but it's a nice fit as nothing within these songs is threatening in the slightest. Specially "I Am The Moonlight" is a completely arresting, haunted folk psych cut.

Outstanding in every respect. An excellent addition to serious folk fans. Exclusive duplicate dust bag and liner notes by John Villemonte including lyrics. Two thumbs up!

Inthey won the well-known competition in the Recklinghausen Vestlandhalle - still under their old name of Man's World. The first prize: Recordings for their first own LP, under the direction of sound magician Conny Plank. On the CD edition on Garden of Delights, the two songs of the first Virus 7" single have been added as bonus tracks.

The second Virus LP, "Thoughts", which was released on Pilz at the end ofwill soon be available as CD on Garden of Delights as well, again providing two bonus tracks. Supported by legendary Leroy Hutson and Curtis Mayfield, the album is truly a classic!

Can You Feel It Amazing Love Just Got To Be Myself Rare So Rare Jimmy Joe Lee Take A Stand March Across This Land In fact, this is one of the rarest Vertigo Swirl titles ever! This CD is an essential reissue for folk-rock enthusiasts. Comes with the original cover art restored. A very nice private acid folk albums in the 70's. Sometimes Wondering Silent Moon Blue Sky Love Tired Of Trying Take The Pain Away Little One Thoughts Of You Summer Sun.

Like the best space-rock songs, it intensifies and ascends ever higher as it goes. This is White Manna's idea of a power ballad. The speedy yet smooth 'I'm Comin' Home' could be the recurring theme for that impossible sequel to 'Easy Rider', while the ten-minute 'Illusion Of Illusion' simmers with astral, meditative menace-a massive, billowing specimen of rock that glows like the earths inner core.

The epic finale, 'Solar Returns', is as majestic and momentous a climax as one would expect from these profound pros, whose singleness of purpose remains irrepressible and righteous. Actually the album received great public favor. With support of Dr.

John and Harold Battiste, the album was released on Pulsar Records. The album contains the funk classic "Color Blind Man" which was a major hit number especially in the clubs. Finally available on CD for the first time!

Celebration Song Wooden Horses America Kali Pick Up The Pieces July Morning Coming Home On This Day Afternoon Typewriter And Guitar. This issue has 2 tracks taken from rare 7" as bonus. Garden Of Delights. Recorded using an all live, no overdub approach, a gleaming bottle of Buffalo Trace helped shepherd them through the night.

Limited and coming with a download coupon. Passing Bird'. Dupli-cation, a record that gloriously connects their deep fascination with the folk and gypsy groups of former Yugoslavia, Greece and Romania with their actual home in the desert plains of the American Southwest.

The group's natural blend of diverse global musical styles with their indie rock background lends them the kind of cross-audience appeal enjoyed by bands including Fools Gold, Beirut and Calexico, while their strong sense of musicality and cultural context draws more left-field listeners to them as well. Recorded live at their studio in Albuquerque between two US tours, Cervantine is the vibrant sound of an American band whose geographical and cultural travels bear on their already distinctive music.

The 20th century brought the influence of Spanish and Mexican music to Eastern European gypsy folk, and Cervantine celebrates the reflected resonance of this influence in modern-day New Mexico. Alongside the core duo of Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost, the album features key contributions from the immensely talented Hladowski siblings--Stephanie vocals and her brother Chris bouzouki --from Bradford, England, via Poland, who can be heard on album standouts "Mana Thelo Enan Andra," "Cervantine" and the Turkish classic "Uskudar.

This debut waxer is a fine introduction to one of the UK's most interesting solo guitarists. Jack blends sublime finger picking with swirling drones and psychedelic static to create a sound that is very much his own. A must for fans of acoustic guitar music from the past few years, Jack could well be one of the most interesting players there is at the moment.

Vinyl edition is housed in a full colour pro printed sleeve and is pressed on heavyweight black virgin vinyl and also comes with a CD copy. There is a bit of the campfire to the material's construction, but there's none of the cutsey-pie crap that might seem to infer. Some of the bits ring like a full-fledged folk-rock oyster. Very goddamn elegant, this.

Across the album's 24 tracks designed to be listened to as one suiteCarlson's lyrical playing dissolves structures into abstraction, stretching out each repetition til you're left with only the sound of buzzing or scraped strings.

For the first time Carlson's guitar is presented, bare, alone, with only minimal percussion, fore-fronting his evocative, lyrical control of the instrument in a language that transcends tired "cinematic" adjectives and places you directly into the landscape. Somewhat less fastidious than 's exquisitely arranged Fern Knight CD, Castings has a warm, analog feel, with looser and louder performances.

Led as always by Margaret Ayre's voice, guitar and cello, the group stretches out on rockier fare like "The Poisoner," growling with fuzz, while leaving plenty of room for softer moments of beautiful clarity. There are "jammy" moments here, but everything is expertly sized and placed, with not a moment wasted on doodles. Ayre's cool and understated vocal plays it straight where less assured players and performers would make a bombastic mess.

As on the self-titled CD, Jesse Sparhawk's harp and James Wolf's violin provide the heart of the sound, allowing the band to mold classic genre forms into a unique, singular style. Like Fairport Convention have been listening to contemporary stoner-blues records. Paul, MN. This CD is not available seperately. Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain is the most unique, unpredictable, and powerful release yet from Current Tibet has brought together an amazing and bizarre array of talents and created an album unlike any other.

In June ofC93 performed 3 sold-out shows in Toronto. This 2CD set presents two of these nights in their entirety. This release is limited to 1. Ohio's '60s garage punk legends return with two brand new tracks. And things get even wilder, since this single is a teaser for their upcoming full length! On offer are two beat-garage tracks that remind of the early days of The Wailers and The Stones.

These tunes will keep you dancing all night long. Its a two musicians combo from Sao Paulo, Brasil, and they build their songs from elements of punk, garage, rockabilly, guided by the spirit of Nick Cave, Henry Miller, Richar Hell, Television and other underground heroes. Here they play 4 song at maximum garage rock style. At live concerts the band presents only drums and guitar at full rage.

The 7" comes in a deluxe rounded cover at limited edition for this tour. Five tracks of ugly noise rock that will melt your face. Edition of Edition of on black vinyl. Together, as the Ding-Dongs, they make rock'n'roll of the highest caliber. The real shit. Which is why Norton Records put their first album out in And why people across the globe wait patiently for this modern-day conduit to tour THAT sound.

This EP has 4 songs, including 2 cover versions of great, lost rock'n'roll gems. The first copies are pressed on white vinyl, followed by black ones. A few people might have heard these songs on GG's Last of the Night Wiggers demos, but here they are remixed, mastered and on vinyl. This time it's one of the most incrideble European garage bands, The Hangee V. Dont miss this ultra limited edition, half of them in coloured vinyl wax This is your summer sound!!!

The Hangee V play a terryfying mix of obscure instrumental surf and garage punk in the Diggin Out and Back from the Grave style. They formed in only to play the music they listen to, and have into their influences also modern bands like Finks, Mummies, Satans Pilgrims, Witch Doctors, Gruesomes.

Drugs, Alucinations and teenpunk sounds smelling the 60's make this limited 7" in green vinil a real jewl!! After a debut LP already sold outthis guys from Sao Paulo do it better than anyone They play garage punk inspired by '60s legends s. Edition of copies on blue vinyl with a luxurious presentation. Buzz in my head B. Speed Bullet These brazilian rockers kick some ass in the heavy garage rock, they are the best band in their style in South America for shure.

They put every room on fire, kicking your ass until it bleeds. They came to stay and make your nights and days even more noisy. Listen to them Live!!!! They both were coming from previous punk bands, such as Mercedes and Infect. Get Howlin' Wolf on the same stage with Booker T. Great instrumental hammond grooves with fuzz.

They only use vintage Brazilian instruments, Giannini guitars and the famous Staner and Brabus tube amps. Full power rock'n'roll. Heavy carton deluxe edition, oldschool sleeve glued backflip. The B-side features the original, remastered by Dave Cooley in Coloured vinyl with download. Here's a reissue of a superb garage-psych monster EP, originally released in Brasil in Believe it or not, this truly sounds like Os Mutantes on a '60s punk weekend journey!

Comes with a great sleeve and a 50 x 35cm poster. After the great, and almost sold out, instrumental album. The Routes present here 4 original tracks, this time with vocals, back to their primary style. But this 4 tracks are fuzzed embeded. With a style of their own, The Routes makes the diference of almost al of the bands around.

Two diferent coloured artwork to. This one is limited edition copies available with a poster 50X30 CM. Art of the poster by Mr Daren Merrinuk himself. This amazing japanese band, have now two nice cuts at Groovie, for those who like to dance at the sounds of 60's wild garage, this is for you Like when the Stones covered Chuck. Comes with a heavy cardboard sleeve. The Kinks and The Troggs mixed with psychedelic emotions, The Birds and The Small Faces in bed with the best "back from the grave" R'n'B, garage punk, and all the 60's best songs together in the same room.

Or just anti-astrologer? Either way they are destroying people's ears and dreams. This is the soundtrack to a failed alien abduction. Bonus points for dumber-than-Hawkwind take on the Equals on the flip. Eddy Grant's flying the spaceship. Active ingredients on this one include: house, four-track, instruments that touring bands accidentally left at previously mentioned house, and friends with rudimentary playing skills that like to hang out at previously mentioned house.

Short and simple has been Bobby's style for years, and he's sticking to his guns. Douchemaster is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mr.

Ubangi, as he has been an absolute inspiration to the label and the Atlanta music scene. Two garage monster tracks fuzzed with best south american garage 60's, influenced by the 60's and banged by the 80's with bands like The Pandoras or even by the Brazilian garage freaks Os Haxixins. In this debut the girls covered a track from Os Haxixins first album, here in a spanish version, La Selva.

Reissue of their second ever release from They really kick ass in rock'n'roll. ROB K. What these bands had in common besides being absurdly ahead of their time was anarcho-vocalist Rob Kennedy. Now the loopy motor mouthed blues poet has reincarnated yet again - this time as the Master of Ceremonies of The Stop and Shake Show - a "strip show soap opera" that features the superb musical stylings of The King of the Brazilian One Man Bands - Marco Uncle Butcher.

Also the possessor of a prestigious rock n roll pedigree, Mr. It was Marco who found Rob K through the internet and began sending his raw, earthy instrumentals to Rob as mp3 files. Of Today! Their first record "I Bet You Love Us Too", released inwas the perfect record for your late night garage party, filled with soul-punk anthems and rockin' rave-ups.

The record you now hold in your hands rests atop three pillars of pure fury: the two records that preceded it and the live energy this combo unleash upon unsuspecting pilgrims all across this land.

Get ready for a serving of crazed garage basement goof with lowrent humor, idiosyncratic vocals, and primitivist songwriting rivaling The Shaggs. When I stumbled on them and was blown away by their songs, I started to wonder 'What the fuck is wrong with you people?

They recorded a couple albums worth of fantastic songs, but never spread them around. What was posted on myspace got lost in the flood of bands there. They lurk in the shadows no longer. Banque Allemande has a relentlessness that reminds me of the Gordons and Rema Rema, the thuggish charm of Feedtime, and some yucks of 'i dunno, name some late 70s euro punk outfit'-but that's me hearing them.

Their ears are attuned to the hammering beats of Boys Noize. Or as they describe their sound: minimalistic, cut-down songstructures-yes please. Includes download. Comes with fizzkicks.

The twelve songs boast a stable of studio collaborators whose pedigree speaks to how much the band has grown and sonically matured over the course of their 15 year career. Originally issued init has been out of print since Also expanded to include a whooping nineteen tracks, all recorded '' It's great to hear a brand new record that gives off electric sparks and a palpable sense of the teenage spirit that lies behind all great rock'n'roll sounds.

The Cavestompers, six guys of Russian origin, from the city of Moscow. On this, their debut long-player, "Introducing. The influence and style of punk rock isnt so far away, and hand in hand with the proclamations of the original Rolling Stones-era have been bound together in The Cavestompers style to form what we can term today as the new breed. So without any further ado, crank up your music machine, cue the disc and let your hips shake, your bootheels stomp and your head swirl, for as the boys in the band are proud to shout out loud: "we all cant stop the stomp"!

The record came with a beautifull two sided insert print, photos of the Russian instruments and studios and photos of the band. Nevertheless, the music maintains a pop familiarity through even the darkest and heaviest songs. The Dadds are able to combine English rocknroll with French pop music, everything kept at a rather retro level. This mixture of French and English influences is reflected in the vocals, too. There are eight songs in The Dadds native language and two songs in English.

This their first longplay, here released in delux vinyl record. Dara Puspita trans. The reason you've probably never heard of them is that they came from Indonesia where they were extremely popular during the s. Their career spanned from until including 3 years living and touring in Europe.

The four albums recorded by the original members between and the material represented on this LP is one of the great chapters of s popular music history never to be reissued in vinyl, let alone recognized beyond a few tuned-in souls and adventurous record collectors in the Western world.

This is an amazing compilation for all garage rockers, fuelled with fuzz tunes and groovy rhythms. Reviews: " Great original songs, blazing guitar riffs with neo-psych shades. Fourteen blistering songs that snap crackle pop and just want to love you.

The evolutes here to some garage and psychedelic sounds. Its a crazy LP recorded only in 3 alucinated days. Artwork is one more time by the fantastic mexican artist, Jorge Alderete. A stompin' orgie of feedbackin' fuzz guitar, primitive'n'wild drum beats and mad screamin' vocals. Their band name hints at a contradiction that can be heard in their sound as the recordings are stripped of all technological advances, using analogue gear and minimal microphone setups to record live to tape.

Now, more than 25 year later Groovie Records takes this Tyrants Of Teen Trash, out of the box again, is only now seeing the light again. Ignoring such an oversight, this 13 tracks timeless bits of hippie-esque, twangy and slightly gritty rock'n'roll is still as upbeat and catchy as ever. From surf-influenced instrumental "Bikers From Hell" to "I Never Loved Her" and "Unchain My Heart," this punky blues rock has simplicity, snottiness and a tongue-in-cheek aspect that are sorely missing in modern rock'n'roll.

This release brings a bigsize colour poster of the band. Ten original songs, and two covers, inspired on the most obsure music made in the 60s. This brazilian guys arent here to play around, this is serious mindblowing music.

The LP brings a Download Card with a acess code to download the full tracks. They included two members from the well known Crimson Shadows. The LP incluides an insert offering rare photos, and the full story on Stockholm's neo-garage scene plus family tree by Patrick Lundborg, author of The Acid Archives and Psychedelia books.

LP with download. This is a most pleasing daydream of a record, one that straddles the line between partying and napping.

It's the sound of one man's honest and unbridled supreme lifestyle concerning only TV, snacks, and personal expression via lazy and fuzzy-feeling power-pop rock'n'roll.

Includes six songs in versions previously unavailable on vinyl and two unreleased versions available for the first time 'Flowers On The Hillside' and 'Dream'. Side one: I live in the springtime It happens everyday Sometime ago raga version The theater of your eyes Popsicle girl Paper plane flyer Love is a word.

Side two: Sometime ago early version Flower child eyes and arms Hi, how are you today? Flower pure Flowers on the hillside Dream The theater of your eyes acoustic version. Two German teenagers, who just happened to be brother and sister, formed a band with the unlikely name Cox Orange. More unlikely was their music - all original material based not on the flavor-of-the-week, nor even similar to the underground music they heard at the time.

Theirs was a music heavily influenced by the heady musicianship of the West Coast psychedelic and garage bands of the 60's: Strawberry Alarm Clock, Music Machine, Doors, Love, and the Jefferson Airplane. The band came and went without much of a trace in Years later, both Lana and her brother Lenny found themselves in a reformed line-up of legendary 60's garage gods, the Music Machine! Bythey were both members of legendary garage-revivalists The Fuzztones, whose leader, Rudi Protrudi, just happened to stumble across a 4 track recording by Cox Orange.

Thoroughly impressed by the musicianship and songwriting, he recommended that Lana and Lenny re-record and release the material, even volunteering his services as bassist. The year is The Fuzztones' organist now assumes the role not only of the keyboardist and co-writer, but also as lead vocalist of her own band, bringing their West Coast influences to the forefront in the process. Lead guitarist Lenny Svilar expertly contributes snakey, interloping counter-melodies, as well as moody, eerie and unusual effects.

Protrudi and drummer Alex Tenas offer more than just a super-tight rhythm section: their intricate instrumental interplay adds textures and dynamics rarely heard in today's rock music.

The result is an extraordinary audio experience. They have been consistently paying tribute to Los Angeles surf music and to the North West's garage-rock. Here with the reissue of their album, with nothing less than the surf guitar king, Dick Dale. The lp came with 3 unreleased tracks and a new artwork for this Groovie Records release. If you are a fan of the surf guitar and fuzzy rhythms of the US garage rock, this is your christmas LP.

To put all the family dancing around the turkey Produced by David Bowie, and including music written almost entirely by him, this is Iggys most introspective and heavy work. Much more mechanical than the sleazy proto-punk of the Stooges, The Idiot was a huge influence on the post-punk sound of folks like Joy Division and Magazine.

An absolute classic. The gig in general was amazing and wild. We had naked men and almost naked girls at the show I was super impressed, then Chris told me he had a band. He gave me his recordings and I heard that like 20 times a day It was something like 10 years after I met The Sonics. Anyway, time went by and we kept contact all these years If you like The Shadows only, it may not be your cup of tea Originally issued as a CD in If you don't, let me tell you this; you'd better gear up for an unhealthy dose of raw garage punk.

But what makes this band all so different from any other garage punk outfit out there, I hear you say? Well, maybe it's the fact that the band doesn't fuck around with superfluous crap and certainly manages to keep it simple and efficient. That could be explained by the fact that what is now a full-blown band well, a three-piece to be exactstarted as a one-man project in a dirty garage somewhere OK I actually don't know WHERE it started but I assume it's a garage.

The songs sound as vicious as ever and the formula stays the same, thick fuzz, skin bashing, gnarly vocals and straightforward riffs. And yet, we're led to believe that those garage-heads dig stuff other than their '60s punk comps if we're to listen to their fuzz-driven rendition of Chrissy Zebby Tembo's 'Troublemaker'. And I gotta say, that's another point for the Skeptics, cause who seriously wants to hear another cover of Wildman?

Anyway, I'm not gonna go into much more details about the sound of the Skeptics cuz if you're reading this, the record can't be that far and you should just give it a spin instead of wasting your time with my rambling.

Christophe -Bananas Magazine. Which should give you a vague idea This compilation is nothing more than a homage to those who fought for rock'n'roll in Brazil during the 60s and mid 70s. The tracks featured in Brazilian Nuggets are mainly from very obscure bands that were not even part of the "Jovem Guarda" movement. What you will do find is the wildest and most aggressive garage, psych and strange rock'n'roll released by unknown Brazilian record labels. These are the real heroes of the young modern advanced Brazilian music, because they broke the barriers of hypocrisy and showed that young people and their cheap guitars live not only on love but also on anger!

Excellent artwork by mister Darren Merrinuk in deluxe gatefold sleeve with a bunch of photos never seen and pics of all the sleeves included in this compilation. Volume two and tree also on the way with even more obscure and psych fuzz tracks Delving deep in the underground and peripheries of Brazilian rock, Groovie Records keeps digging up many-styled and shaped nuggets in various stages of cutting.

Again the second volume came full of weird'n'garage psych monster themes. We tryed to keep the spirit of the 60's punk, full of fuzz and garage punk, rhythm and a bunch of never seen photos and record covers. The perfect christmas present for you monsters! FACE A 1. An unstoppable avalanche of garage'n'roll energy from Chicago's notorious brother and sister duo. These unsung contemporaries to the Byrds and the Beau Brummels brought folk rock and fuzztone psychedelia to the Great Plains.

The 2cd set comes with beautifull 24 page booklet with full history of the band. Punkin Doodle previously unreleased 2. Aint That Lovin You Baby previously unreleased 3. Ps and Qs 4. Silver and Gold 6. Mary Lou 9. Your Turn To Cry Pretty Things -Oh Just Two Days Ago Baby, My Heart Aint That Lovin You Baby Pennies Since You Broke My Heart So You Say Silver and Gold High Life Nows The Time Desert Wind previously unreleased Weep No More My Lady previously unreleased Look Homeward Angel Pennies previously unreleased Silver and Gold previously unreleased Since You Broke My Heart previously unreleased La Do Da Da Nancy Whiskey Desert Wind The Bluethings High Life 2.

Girl From The North Country 3. Doll House 4. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby 6. I Cant Have Yesterday 7. Nows The Time 8. The Man On The Street 9. Honor The Hearse Waiting For Changes unreleased version Sounds Of Yesterday Hollow One Hour Cleaners Twist and Shout You Took The Fight Caroline Hey Joe previously unreleased Talk Talk Im A Man previously unreleased My Generation previously unreleased Somebody Help Me Yes My Friend Cant Explain previously unreleased Cd Bonus Tracks: Doll House unreleased alternate version I Can't Have Yesterday unreleased alternate version Mid-Continent Productions Radio Ad, previously unreleased.

The album sold in minute amounts, possibly due to the unforeseen smash success of The Deeps label mates, "Question Mark and The Mysterions" whose hit "96 Tears" was number one on the charts.

This CD is designed to help kids get to sleep. The collection features a number of original lullabies composed and performed by vocalist/guitarist Arby DeCamp. The title song, “Sleep By Numbers,” is a sing-along that encourages children to count backwards – which some experts claim to be a useful sleep . People of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances struggle with low self-esteem. This long-awaited, fully revised second edition of the best-selling The Self-Esteem Workbook includes up-to-date information on brain plasticity, and new chapters on forgiveness, mindfulness, and . An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

The railWay children The hit UK play opens today at the new Roundhouse Theatre. 2 pm. $$ Doors 8 pm, all ages. $25$ the 20th anniversary of the Toronto alt-rockers.

Feb 20,  · THE BEGINNING. Party Wolf L&Q 7*. November Solange L&Q June tUnE-yArDs L&Q April Metronomy L&Q 27*. September The railWay children The hit UK play opens today at the new Roundhouse Theatre. 2 pm. $$ Doors 8 pm, all ages. $25$ the 20th anniversary of the Toronto alt-rockers.

Nov 03,  · "Vacationing People - From the album Person to Person, Courtesy of Secretly Canadian, CD/LP/Digital (Avail. 6/23/09) " Foreign Born Feels Like The .

Nov 03,  · "Vacationing People - From the album Person to Person, Courtesy of Secretly Canadian, CD/LP/Digital (Avail. 6/23/09) " Foreign Born Feels Like The . The market value of CD album sales rose % to $ million ( million pounds). At the same time, the value of cassette album sales dropped % to $ million ( million pounds) and vinyl album sales dropped % to $ million ( million pounds).

The market value of CD album sales rose % to $ million ( million pounds). At the same time, the value of cassette album sales dropped % to $ million ( million pounds) and vinyl album sales dropped % to $ million ( million pounds).


They Know Kelton, So What You Want Me To Do - Tesox - View Through The Past (Vinyl, LP, Album), Beats International Theme, Find The Water - BM Linx - Black Entertainment (CD, Album), Jogo De Roda - Elis Regina - Anos 60 (CD), Eh! Son Qua! Son Qua! - Ruggiero Leoncavallo , Montserrat Caballé , Placido Domingo , Sherrill Mi, 気楽にいこうぜ Kiraku Ni Ikouze (Let Us Crew To Be Easy), The New Singularity -, Japanese Lady - Creation (6) - The Land Of The Rising Sun (Vinyl, LP), Trio For Flute, Clarinet And Basson - Various - Dutch Soloists And Ensembles (Vinyl, LP), Lets Play Boring In A Bowling Alley - The Thumbs / The Urchin - The Thumbs / The Urchin (Vinyl), Doublin With Dublin (1945-05-21) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 36/42 (CD), Top Of The Pops - Rezillos* - Live @ The Silver Thread - 1977 (CDr)

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  1. Drifting away --Lullabye-bye --Slumberland --Goodnight nightlight --Sleep by numbers --Go to sleep --Dreamtime town --Sleeping soon --I'm so sleepy --As I go to sleep. Other Titles: Lullabies for children of all ages: Responsibility: original music and lyrics composed and performed by Arby DeCamp.
  2. Oct 27,  · Sleep By Numbers by Arby DeCamp Go Unlimited out of 5 stars Best Lullabies ever. Reviewed in the United States on July 25, Verified Purchase. Not just for children. Grown ups can benefit from this CD also. Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful/5(3).
  3. Jan 01,  · Check out Sleep By Numbers by Arby DeCamp on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on
  4. CD REVIEW: Arby DeCamp - Sleep By Numbers By Jane Eamon - 12/16/ - PM EST. Artist: Arby DeCamp Album: Sleep By Numbers CD Review: Leonard Cohen sings lullabies with Django Reinhardt on guitar!! What a combination. When it works, that’s exactly what Arby DeCamp’s CD, Sleep By Numbers is numbers – Go To Sleep and As I Go To Sleep do just that successfully.
  5. This CD is designed to help kids get to sleep. The collection features a number of original lullabies composed and performed by vocalist/guitarist Arby DeCamp. The title song, “Sleep By Numbers,” is a sing-along that encourages children to count backwards – which some experts claim to be a useful sleep .
  6. People of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances struggle with low self-esteem. This long-awaited, fully revised second edition of the best-selling The Self-Esteem Workbook includes up-to-date information on brain plasticity, and new chapters on forgiveness, mindfulness, and .
  7. Feb 20,  · THE BEGINNING. Party Wolf L&Q 7*. November Solange L&Q June tUnE-yArDs L&Q April Metronomy L&Q 27*. September