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Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Vosar

Baixar e ouvir V Recordings, download mp3 4shared, youtube palco mp3 Temos um catalógo com milhares de links de mp3 para baixar grátis de forma segura confira!! v recordings mixed by bryan gee. xfade label showcase (uk xfade cd08 apr) cd 01 d product - faithless (v) 02 krust - war-head (v) 03 die - autumn (peshay mix) (v) 04 die - autumn (dillija mix) (v) 05 trinity - supa niggers (chronic) 06 Music Downloads kbps Tracks DJ Trax Songs mp3 remix, mix rmx, Trance Dance Techno House Electro Psychedelic Duch-House Private FTP Server Member Vip Users ftp.

With South American and Middle Eastern sounds and his conception of music as ritual, the Mexican DJ keeps electronica in check as a valid mix of influences. The second track of his album, Bo Ni Ke, is distinguished by its original - almost implausible - universe, with a Japanese-inflected vocal filter and oriental flutes taking the beats into a crazy trance.

The Moscow duo, noted in particular for the brilliant EP Plane Goes East released on Disco Halal the Moscoman label which makes the link between east and westpulls the track over to another - less terrestrial more psychedelic - universe, in their well identified ethno-underground style. You could pick out the science of this headliner in a million. After 4 years of celebrating underground electronic music through their events, Distrikt Paris is launching their record label.

For the first release they nabbed Kosh, the Moroccan electro wizard and Casavoyager regular. The record has 3 solid original tracks and a dreamy remix from the Yoyaku virtuoso Janeret. DKTP is a versatile record crafted for the dancefloor. Jerome Hill lives and breathes music with his productions, sets and record labels being educational and hedonistic in equal measures. For years, Rhythm Buro and Zadig have maintained a special relationship.

The French DJ and producer real name Sylvain Peltier, became involved with the Ukrainian institution when he headlined their first party in Kyiv back in In the few years since, both Sylvain and Rhythm Buro have developed into strong international brands that have become well-known and trusted. They are thus ready to present another form of collaboration: Zadig's debut record on the Kyiv-based label. RB is particularly notable for its sonic diversity.

Zadig, often known for his uncompromising and hard-hitting techno ventures, explores a deeper musical side here, and delves into his wide range of influences and inspirations. A good example of this is found in the manga series "Amer Beton", with the excellent soundtrack by Plaid, hence the Japanese name for the record's title track. Both of which play to a certain dreamy ambient field. The title track on B2 exemplifies Zadig's passion towards an old-school bpm-ish tempo.

And then there's the more dancey side of the record. Rich with melodies and patterns, both A1 and A2 are conscious in their reference to Detroit, and pay homage to the master minds that spawned the genre in their studios 30 years ago and started it all. The B-side's opening track is another dance floor friendly stomper, although in a different way: "A World of Children" may be best labelled as "slower-electro".

Its synth-heavy, almost naive essence, describe its name perfectly. Despite its aforementioned diversity of sound and tempos, Zadig's "Takara-machi" EP still possesses and maintains a unique commonality and voice across the spectrum. It is dreamy, it is soulful, it puts substance over form. In other words, it has something the vast majority of today's techno palette is missing. Rhythm Buro doesn't miss the mark in unearthing and releasing pure quality for those who know and care.

In this double pack, the Macedonian Techno rebel is utilizing his broad electronic influences in order to create pouding and emotive voyages for your dancefloor and listening pleasure.

Feel the force!!! Pleasure Zone welcomes Giorgio Maulini to the artist Family. We are very happy to present you "Arepa con Aguacate" a very strong debut ep with two spacey electro and two groovy minimal tracks. Highly recommended! Throughout this EP we can see the versatility and subtlety of his work, which leads us through a journey of various emotions.

This release is a very special occasion for our label, since it also features the first remix of Future Memories, the Chilean duo resulting from the fusion between Ron Viners and Joaquin Lledo owner of Secret Society. Southern Magic is a sublabel that offers a fresh proposal of mixes, which enclose the sound we have been listening to lately in the Chilean underground music scene.

Lucas Buchta and Gary Pilz have been profound producers for a good chunk of the last decade. Throughout the years, their individual forces intertwined into a germafrican vision.

Three years later, the team returns for an ambitious original release, pressed on black gold. The 5-tracker EP "Bamboo" explores a broad array of sounds, from the orientalic "Cedar", including Gary's own beautiful vocals to the textured "Tin Pan Alley", including a special piano recording from Luc. Ambient atmospheres and funky house vibes with "EDL" and main title track "Bamboo" deliver the front and backend of the release, offering a diverse vinyl with various energy levels.

The EP underlines the duo's incredible talent and showcases the potential of their capabilities. A next step for their project, worthy of an analogue pressing. An enthusiastic release, that further strengthens the bond between the artists and the label. We couldn't be happier to finally deliver you guys the results, the team has worked on. Records in unearthing some of the finest ambient techno from the Artificial Intelligence era in a beautiful double LP package.

The compilation covers essential cuts from the back catalog of J. Today the original releases are sought after rarities which demand high prices on the 2nd hand market.

DJ Duke presenst another classic release back on viny! The re-press on the original label called Records contains for the first time the unreleased remix by Electro Force. Higly recommended gem! Alien Communications have made a real impact on Scotlands underground dance music scene in the last 12 months, holding down their Alien Communications parties in the countries capital, Edinburgh.

The night is now recognised as the leading party for real underground vinyl selectors in Scotland. OZONE 22 packs four dance floor jams influenced by the many different shades of house and techno in their record collections. A-side is a nod to Robbie's IDM roots.

Just check the expansive soaring synth-work on "Auden" and the analogue moods of "Conceptualise". Keep an eye out for Armec inmore quality releases on their way. MP3 Downloadkarte. Moodfamily's favourite four-piece returns home after many journeys.

Impatient as we are, we had to hear their stories. Skilfully combining influences, sounds and experiences from east and west, they translated their stories into a new EP oozing with drama, melancholy and determination. Blurring the lines between genres, this release again proves that Karim Maas is one of the most interesting figures to emerge in modern electronic music. Hard and metallic, pleasantly violent, this is sensitive body music for romantic outlaws.

Presented by Julian Muller. Franck Collin, a. Fleck E. C, brings some excellent winter-time electro to the London-based label untitled recs for their third u r blue record. This record takes cues from several sci-fi soundtracks, and taps into Fleck's wider thoughts on cinema. After having studied film and worked in movie production for several years, he believes that movies need to be a kind of fairy tale usually a poisonous one.

Likewise, u r blue delivers a capacious blend of texturesiat times delicate and expansive e. Together, this strikes a balance between deep club cuts and listening session tracks. Thanks to the mastering of Aphex Twin-collaborator Beau Thomas, these textures really stand out.

Listen loud! For its second release, Russian label Analog Concept brings you four powerful and floor-ready electro tracks from rising stars in a dedicated genre; Starting with our favourite Liverpool producer nowadays — Reedale Rise and his frisky tune Borderland that can easily work out at 5 am as well as at 5 pm.

Joyful and broken rhythm promises it will shake your body properly. Simon has been seen on labels like Frustrated Funk, Vision, Kondi etc. The next in line is Nullptr from the east side of the Island.

Label boss of d-tached records and co-promoter of Cambridge-based electro night Motherchip Connexion. He delivers a strong and vibrant track that you cannot remain indifferent to.

Datawave delivers a tune that keeps the atmospheric idea of the label at heart but experiments with driving rhythms and acid lines. Der Artikel ist vergriffen. Klicke zum Aktivieren auf "in Stock Mail".

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Interpreten: Gen-Y G. A Nineteen B South Out. House Tech Beats Break-Beat. Hanna add artist to watchlist Champion EP. House Deep Beats Break-Beat. Various Artists add artist to watchlist Sonho Do Mato. Pessimist add artist to watchlist Atyeo. Techno Hardcore Trance Trance. Von D add artist to watchlist Hermetica. Sinerise 3: Symbolism. Beats Dubstep. Earl Grey add artist to watchlist Infinite Loop.

Beats Jungle. Mani Festo add artist to watchlist Immersion Tactics. Beats Jungle Bass. Interplanetary Criminal add artist to watchlist Warehouse Romance. Beats Uk Garage Bass. House Electronica Beats Electro. Blade add artist to watchlist EP. Blade delivers 4 funky, jazzy rollers with a breaky touch of Jungle. All-Nighter add artist to watchlist This is the Way Ep.

House Electro Beats Break-Beat. A1: Masters Of Rave A. Boof add artist to watchlist Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy 2x12", Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD). Various add artist to watchlist Touched Electronix 2x12". House Tech Techno Acid. Yok Harry Wills Remix. Various Artist add artist to watchlist The Telomere Connection, Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD).

A1: Temarasa B1: Chor Gway. Beats Electro. Tunnelvisions add artist to watchlist Channel Tropico. House Electronica Beats Synth. Unknown add artist to watchlist Unknown. My Mine add artist to watchlist Hypnotic Tango. Beats Electro Pop Electric. Against All Logic add artist to watchlist 2x12". Beats Ambient Experimental Pop Alternative. Cabaret Voltaire add artist to watchlist Shadow Of Fear. Techno Techno Industrial Beats Ambient. Tim Reaper add artist to watchlist Cityscapes EP.

Darren Allen add artist to watchlist Babylon. House Tech Techno. Bukez Finezt add artist to watchlist The Idea of the Devil. House Electro Beats Electro. Theory add artist to watchlist The Lost Dubs Volume 1 A1: Heart Beats B1: Flex. Shlump add artist to watchlist Alien Technology. Machinedrum add artist to watchlist A View Of U. House Electronica Techno Electro.

Lore add artist to watchlist Lore EP. House Garage Beats Bass. Cimm add artist to watchlist Endo. Beats Dubstep Bass. Beats Electro Bass. Hamilton Scalpel add artist to watchlist Hamilton Scalpel 2: Airfoil. Techno Techno Beats Bass. Untitled A Untitled B. A1: Don't Know B1: Creeps. Beats Uk Garage. MSS Moonshine Steppas.

Burke add artist to watchlist Cross The Line. Beats Dubstep Grime. Techno Techno Beats Electro Bass. C1: Num Num Feat. Aref Durvesh C2: Revolution Feat. Acen add artist to watchlist Thrilla EP. Beats Break-Beat Jungle. Shawn Rudiman add artist to watchlist Conduit 2x12".

Sau Poler add artist to watchlist Blooms. House Minimal Balearic Beats Lounge. A Msmsmsm B Vyzee. Beats Bass. Interplanetary Criminal add artist to watchlist Darkside EP.

Beats 2 Step Uk Garage Bass. Retina add artist to watchlist Dusted EP. Various Artists add artist to watchlist Remove the barriers EP. A1: Stain B1: Succubus. OBF add artist to watchlist Akouphene. Susuma Yokota add artist to watchlist Space Teddy Ep 2. Techno Deep Beats Ambient. A1: Sat A2: M. Beats Experimental. Shielding add artist to watchlist Collecting Seaweed EP. House Ambient Beats Ambient. Leo James add artist to watchlist Big Pressure. Beats 2 Step Dubstep. This has got an absolutely mega break on it as well.

The winner will be picked at random from a large, red. East Sussex. Pure rude boy rock for dancers! They failed, for obvious reasons, but this tune is a definite hit!

Totally showbiz, kit-off-down-the-beach stuff. Brazilian music is so camp, so carnival and over the top.

And those are the reasons I love it so much. I really want to get more of his music. A gorgeous song. This is an an exquisite song delivered over some classic Lee Periy production, and it includes the sound of whipping. Ken Parker has got a beautiful voice and the reggae take on the song adds an extra sweetness. The song is incredibly beautiful and I could listen to it all day. Everyone knows who Terry Callier is these days, but a couple of years ago, virtually nobody had heard of him outside the jazz scene.

Haunting vocals, and really beautiful in a fragile way. A strange pairing, but it works. There was a house cover version of it a couple of years ago that my friends and I really got into. This is the original. To be played LOUD before going out. Look at the pot. Besides, Hooch have just launched a new range of stylish sunglasses.

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Available from Calvin Klein shops and all major department stores St ussy. T leC0 Jr var n "? Bin wiilr. In me. AmUvlHybeiler ibau the. LewisParker pulp fusion: return to the tough side Various The hardest, grittiest, deepest s ghetto funk and jazz breaks collected on the superb follow-up to '97's seminal Pulp Fusion.

Your best bet is to use some fancy computer programme to come up with the top strategy for cramming in everything you want to hear without covering the length of Britain. Or you could just like go with the flow and let the music take you where your mind will follow for a cool karmic buzz.

Arenal-Main Arena So you could have scuffed my Adidas when it went straight in at Number One a couple of weeks ago. Their story begins in the Hollis district of Queens, New York, in Rap was all about gadding about in jumpsuits and dropping rhymes about space cowboys. DMC who is the only one present after the Reverend Run decides to promote brotherly love by not showing up and advising Jam Master Jay to do the same explains why. When I first saw them they had on sheepskins, Pumas and Adidas, the same jeans and hats that we wore.

When we came out, we just had the Adidas on, the hats, Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD) gold chains, like we dressed in the neighbourhood.

People accepted us straight away because they could relate with it. No front, no space cowboys, definitely no jumpsuits. So the hip hop thing to do would have been to release several near- identical variations on it. Loud drums, bass guitar riffs. We wanted to rap our lyrics over their music, they wanted us to do their lyrics.

Me and Run was crying! We were messing about with it in the studio trying to make a loop, and Rick Rubin came in. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith came in on the last verse, Joe Perry added some guitar. Suddenly, the group were pop icons, and their laceless Adidas sneakers tapped out a new tattoo on pop culture. Hip hop style began to infiltrate high streets everywhere, and, more significantly, white people started listening to it in their droves.

We could have cleaned up but. There were so many groups bringing more iftb into the music, more jazz, leaving the hard funk and rock beats alone, usingjazz. Those tracks we did. They were the bad years, the worst years. We were drinking, smoking. I like beer so I would drink it. Run was smoking ounces of weed, Jay was running around hanging out with every producer. And so we made another album.

We used to just sit at home with our money. Whatcha Gonna Do? And crucially, it sounded like a group that were hungry again. It was a whole different climate. It takes away from the whole essence of hip hop about each kid doing it differently. Now everything is so image and concept dominated. It gets to me. It took just 50 copies to create a buzz worthy of the massed bees of South America having a sing-song, and Profile realised they might be onto something.

A few months later, Number One in at least six European countries, Top 10 in the rest of them, DMC is clearly tickled several shades of pink by this sudden, unexpected resurgence, and jokes that only Run DMC could have taken on the Spice Girls and won.

So what goes around comes around. Dead lucky, maybe. Back from the dead, definitely. Dead good, for the most part, and dead popular again, without a doubt. Whether their invigorated career will sustain its current trajectory stratosphere-wards, remains to be seen. But who can fail to have felt a tinge of pleasure, watching one little-known producer, and three men in their thirties who invented hardcore hip hop back at the top.

How would you feel if Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD) got paid five thousand dollars for a record that sold two million copies? Presumably things will be different in thefuture I just did a Zsa Zsa Gabor record!

Amadeus rap? I love that cheesiness. BY SRD. A phenomenon? You betcha! Unapologetie and uncompromising in his religious and political convictions, few artists have asserted their beliefs with such regal assurance and unyielding strength. Perhaps of greater significance is the fact that Sizzla is the first cultural reggae artist of recent years to capture the hearts and imagination of non- reggae fans.

Sizzla is arguably the biggest name in reggae today. That is not the righteous way. What are you, a spy or a hypocrite? Continually questioning, continually learning. Born Miguel Collins in August Town, Jamaica, he stands a little below five feet ten inches, but the first thing you notice is his aura.

Almost untouchable. He is graceful and proud, and his every word is a poetically chanted message. While fellow Bobo Dreads and leading dancehall recording artists such as Capleton and Anthony B also work within a similar realm, it was not that long ago that: cultural issues hardly played a role in dancehall music. The death of Bob M arl ey in 1 hailed the rise of slackness in reggae.

Then, only Junior Reid and Mykal Rose kept the cultural fire burning. But the early Ninet ies saw a new coterie of artists such as Luciano and the late Garnett Silk emerge. As a genre, it did not really attain an identity until hardcore ragga DJs Capleton and Buju Banton adopted the Rastafarian faith in and respectively.

They brought the youthful element of ragga and united it with traditional Rastafarian ideologies, and with that, ragga became conscious. His talents were first noticed in. There was no conversion. Sizzla is a Rasta from birth and cultural issues were always on his agenda.

Both are contemporary reggae classics. Yet some of his messages have been met with controversy. Over years of slavery. All my royal black saints. Black people fe know seh they was the first black gods and goddesses of the earth.

His revolutionary position is an intellectual one. He is closest thing music has to an artist whose universal impact encounters no barriers.

He contributes his life and faith to his music, all for the betterment of his race. He sings with breathless intensity, DJs with fervour and chants with love. All with a rich mature vocal texture that belies his 21 years. At times his voice withers as if the passion of his lyrics are too much to bear; fades the end of his sentences as if a tear is rolling down his eye; reaches lofty tones as if he is revelling in the lustre of his verse. Could you think of a better way of spending the weekend of June 20 than in the company of Mr C and his infamous End Sound System of Layo.

At one of Europe's top festivals. The New Frontier 1 ? Situated in a natural amphitheatre, surrounded by sand dunes, woods and a lake? With the likes of CJ Bolland. Doc Scott. Ian Pooley. Lushing it up as a top VIP?

You can't? Then this competition is foryou. One winnerand their guest will be taken by train from whereverthey live to hook up with The End posse in London. You'll be ferried to the festival, given VIP backstage passes so you can stalk - sorry -admire the good and the great of the dance world, before being ferried in style back home via plane and train the next day. To win, just tell us which of these is Matthew "Bushwacka! The adrenalin rush as the white stuff gives you the maximum thrill?

Worry no more. Because Airwalk, purveyors of rather fine and dandy trainers to the boarding world, have come to rescue you.

David Holmes, Roni Size and more. May 1 5. Answers to alt competitions should be sent on a postcard only to: Muzik Freebie Jeebies. London SE1 9LS. Please use a separate postcard for each competition. Winners will be drawn at random from the mailbag. Sorry, but competitions are NOT open to overseas readers. Or just the new Corduroy? All of which means that on no account do dance producers pick you up at the airport wearing suits sharp enough to poke eyes out; nor in a Mercedes Benz so brand spanking new that the smell of leather upholstery positively jars the senses.

Not that the cool-bloke- about-town accoutrements end there. Oh yeah, and Eric owns a deep house club across the street called Red. After all, this is the place people come to make it big in politics, not embrace hour-party lifestyles. Thus, nightlife is a bit of an anomaly round these parts. We actually like wearing suits, probably because of our backgrounds. Sorry, would you mind repeating that. Rob, however, keeps q perfect straight face and proceeds to tell us they originally based their studio in the apartment of a friend who was the chief buyer of pom movies for an entertainment store.

Thieveiy Corporation, meanwhile, are sophisticated gamut of tunes that speaks of everything from Balearic wind-down and superior nu-jazz to quality easy-listening and trip hop - minus the crusty bits. The duo have a series of 7- and 1 2-inches lined up for release following the album. As for where they picture their sound heading next - all over the place still seems to be the general idea. And as for that gleaming Mercedes parked outside.

Their record collection, on the other hand, would take several weeks to wade through. Surely you only sample from ultra- trendy classic jazz and dub records? That element of cool must be true, yeah? I had to ask the waiter what it was, then I sent off to a mail order company for a copy of the CD the next day. You bet they can. The Thievery Corporation - smart suits, dirty minds. They were both really embarrassed. It was fucking fantastic, he said. I nodded in approval, but wondered what on earth it had to do with me.

Few have any real fan base, or the musical ability to generate fresh compositions. Even fewer are articulate enough to utter error- free sentences on the radio. Most, surrounded by cheap chemicals, untaxed earnings and self-importance, seem to think the world owes them a living. Most display pitifully one-dimensional personalities, and resort to slothful cliche when interviewed.

Many, to be frank, are utter wankers. He may not quite have the t the biggest DJ in Britain. So why is he being chased by a big cockroach? Search us. The bloke who took the Belgian hoover sound and made it his own at Trade only six years ago. And then Toned it down again and transported it across to an astounded straight mainstream, where his hard, chunky NRG house shattered the glass cheeseboard of British clubland.

But, perhaps most importantly of all, this is the man who has always, always, taken time to be personable to his fans. De Vit the name rhymes with pee, not git, by the way respects them, and they worship him in return. This man is loved. Or does that sound too much like a super-hero? You see, people can get just a smidgen too close at times. And his. He is the Michael Barrymore of techno, the Dale Winton of banging house. He can disarm the most hardened cynic with the wink of a perma-tanned eyelid.

He has always been so hard-working that other DJs nicknamed him Tory Tony. In the early days of DJing I collected glasses after playing a set for my 50 quid. My Mum told me I would never make a living playing records, and, to be honest, I tended to agree with her. Both are assessed by his agents before any invoice is raised. Most of the proceeds are pumped back into TDV Enterprises, which now employs four staff, although Tony has recently splashed out on a top-of-the range Volvo.

And, not surprisingly, reliability is key in a motor for Mr Safe. Gone are the days when he had to piss in the water tank of a Renault estate with Ian M to get to Trade on time. Gone, too, are the five gigs in a night and another five in midweek schedules. Less physically taxing interests than relentless gigging, though, are beginning to make their mark on the TDV balance sheet. Give or take a few obligato ly name-checks, this is the style he still prefers today. There was a great response, so for 18 months I was given the midweek graveyard shift from one to 4am mid-week.

I drove back to Birmingham after every show absolutely knackered, but I loved it. Though understandably hesitant at first, he has developed into one of the warmest DJs at the station, and sacks of letters prove the point in their own, physical way.

So successful has he been at this that he has fast developed a new urban fan base outside of his traditional Midlands and gay underground strongholds, one which will only serve him well should the next stage of his ambition be realised. It charted at 25 and gave Mr Safe the extra confidence to embark on his blooming career outside the world of ceramic hobs. He has now split from his original manager and formed a new imprint, TDV, based in Birmingham. Those are my idols! To prove this hypothesis, we randomly select a slew of clubbers for a vox pop, and out of 20 people asked, not one failed to point out that the one-time Kidderminster Kid, the king of three flashing lights and the Blondie remix, Mr Tony De Vit, was playing.

And what did people think of him? The crowd is half his age and open to new sounds. The point is, the Tony De Vit sound is here tonight, and these people are lapping it up. As the night sweats to a toilet- flooded close at Passion and De Vit drops his last mix to a huge collective gurning whoop, we find him, true to form, leaning over the box making conversation to a wild-eyed youth in a fake Armani T-shirt and too much CK One. What, if anything, could give him more pleasure than this?

His parents are very proud 23 years ago: Tony takes his first job as a trainee surveyor and is immediately assigned to a local sewerage farm. Forced to climb over industrial septic tanks, his best suit and shoes get covered in shit. Tony quits within a week 22 years ago: He moves to Wigan, where he builds bikes for speedway and grass-track racing. He races them himself at weekends, until, a year later, the business folds 21 years ago: Tony goes down to the local Job Centre, where he gets a general interview with Ceramaspeed, a local company making thermal insulation units for cookers.

The next day, the company call him back and offer him a position as trainee manager. Say no more! As a man out i walking two greyhounds passes, the wit machine lits terminal velocity. Danny points out one pf the dogs and makes a suggestion in broad ipples-and-pears cockney to the. But then so too is Julian. He coolly steps outfof the motor in what appears to be Several thousand Kevin Braddock pictures lOIJ SliSf pounds worth of designer gear, and the immediate chat is of remix advances totalling obscene amounts of money.

Figures that really do take the piss. Come to think of it, Danny and Julian are taking the piss together. Consider the facts. Music oozes out of them, and they are clever with it. Julian, older than he looks, self-assured and engaging, made his first record ina remix of a Paul Hardcastle tune. Clearly, Danny Harrison and Julian Jonah have very few worries.

So, naturally, they ruin it all by remixing Robbie Williams and Louise. And where did all this money suddenly come from? You can take it a bit too far. Do I mind? In a sense yes, because you are confined - in their eyes. We never really paid that much attention to it. The rest is down to the public. You can tell when people have gone in and done that.

Like when trance was big, you could tell people had gone into a studio and put down one of those one-finger basslines. Piece of piss, innit. Two chords. How do you differentiate between all your musical personalities?

About eight grand. And nobody gives a fuck who the artist is anyway. Sunday flavaz Lockdown Presents R and Booker T to name but a few. Also available is a separate CD single of the much sought after underground track Valley Of Love, not yet released.

We can do a track one week and in two weeks time it can be on the streets. Do you feel you are getting one over ontherecordlndustry, which routinely shits on producers and musicians? You wanna work with her?

People laughed at it and said it would never catch on. This could potentially be your single, and they get all the acclaim for it. But look back back in time: Quincy Jones worked with Frank Sinatra.

We tried to get Louise down to tell her the vocal was shit anyway. They talk in music interview bumper stickers and magazine platitudes, but they confront issues that the speed garage scene needs to examine if it is to avoid dissolving into a soup of pop remixes and ill- advised cash-ins.

Above all, they are very serious about their work and they are extremely serious when they say it should all be a laugh. At every attempt he is repelled and savagely kicked by a string of villains: a pair of rippling-muscled black boxers, a mafia footsoldier, a sumo wrestler, a Tarantino-style LA assassin. Between fights, there are silhouette shots of a vogueing geisha, who concludes the video by booting him unceremoniously in the goolies.

Not that are new to slapstick. I go to places just to have a laugh and get away from all that. It really does. I just go out and have fun now. Where do I go? Just local places. Bon Bonnie in Herne Hill. We did all that trendy clubbing when we were younger. When the fuss has blown over, Danny and Julian will be having the last, long, footstomping, timestretched laugh. All of them.

Dig it cat! Along with Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Schoolly D, David Holmes and a thousand others, Isaac Hayes redefined film soundtracks not simply as a way of enhancing the action on the big screen, but as a separate genre in their own right - capable of everything from winning Oscars to becoming best-selling singles and driving crowds loopy in the clubs.

These days, soundtracks are practically hipper than they have a right to be. Disregarding a psychedelic garage track from The Yardbirds, this is mellow jazz grooves and light, funky rhythms all the way. Grand Royale or Double Cheoso? The mUSlC: Crewe, an old Northern soul songwriter, responsible for most of the Four Seasons smash hits, gets down to some seriously groovy and space-age doodlings, and the odd classy sci-funk number now beloved of fans of Exotica everywhere.

And tell me about THAT damn car chase. Schifrin pulls out all the stops on this delicious, oh-so-smooth opener, a perfect blend of smokey jazz riffs and hazy melodies recently used on Vauxhall's computer-enhanced ad for the Puma.

Grand Royale or Double Cheese? The minis steal the show. I ask you. They Call Me Mister Tibbs! The mUSiC: Put your seatbelts on for this one. He who controls the funk, controls the universe. The music: The maddest. Mixing hard funk with gospel, and with help from some suitably demented snatches of dialogue, this is truly amazing and inspired.

Not JUST a soundtrack album, but a classic album in its own right. The deluxe model. Nuff said. Seriously cool shit. How influential? Just ask Depth Charge and the Beastie Boys.

Th6 mUSiC: The master of laid-backjazz funk, Roy Ayers, doodles his way with tortoise-like speed through a selection of muso-friendly tracks.

Funk for morphine addicts. Best played softly in the company of an intimate friend. Preferably in a bedroom. Grond Royolo or Double Cheese? Funky is as funky does. Contender for the greatest film ever made. Sick and venal. The rest is devoted to growling synth riffs. Grand Royale Or Double Cheese? This one gets everyone from Suicide to State and Carl Cox out of bed in the morning.

The music: Okay, despite being a compilation soundtrack, this is still damn near essential. Take a little triptake a little trip with me. The music: Morricone is a god, as anyone from Portishead to David Holmes will tell you.

The rest of the soundtrack consists of searing, operatic strings and beautiful, majestic signatures. Woodsy, De Niro and Pesci. Leone and Morricone. Come ON. The ultimate chili out album. How to write a funky soundtrack Get a guitar Get a wah-wah pedal.

Get a man with a colossal afro and a black leather coat to croon over the top on any of the following subject: A. Dope, liquor and green bills R. Developments in post-Relativist applied psychoanalytical theory probably not this one, actually The Big Score' featuring many of the soundtrack classic mentioned here, is out now on EMI.

Service is provided by Frontier Media. To use from outside die UK- set up a global account with swiftcaU. The follow up to the massive hit single Renegade Master. Let the memory live on. New Start 2. Change 3. Another Day 4. It doesn't have to end 5.

Water Ride 6. A Moment to stop 7. Falling 8. Remote Control 9. TR Mood Black Hole Your body is clinging to the comfort of the sofa like a limpet as the thick slide of chemical detritus worms its way out of your system. Everyone around you is getting up but you can't move. Outside, you can hear buses and milkmen and kids on their way to school. But inside, Hell is round the corner.

Once slaves brought over to boost the city's brisk trade, today the West African and Caribbean population of Bristol is an integral part of the city's street culture.

Rapping not about Magnums, gangstas and bitches, but of relationships, escapism and urbane city life, Massive Attack touched a nerve in the national psyche. Address: Los Angeles, CA. Eventually, I was finally making enough money where I could hire someone to help me in It went from building a brand to actually building a business.

They came in, moved me out of my apartment and put a down payment on my first office. It was an investment, but for them it was more of a friendly loan to help me out as I tried to grow Dim Mak into a legitimate business. How would you describe the evolution of Dim Mak over these 20 years? Lots of ups and downs.

You have to learn how to evolve faster than the people buying your music. That way, you are the trendsetters. You have to think ahead and be willing to take risks and challenges. You hire a team that is on the same page and has the same vision and dedication, and really believes in the music and the culture. I was a huge advocate of that culture. Dim Mak started out as a tool to share and spread music with more people. We think about not just the music, but also the lifestyle, the clothing line, the events, and how our brand is presented.

Through all these moving parts, we support the artists. So in order to be successful, you need figure out how to work within this new landscape, this new paradigm. The Internet and globalization is making it easy and accessible for music to be out there, so our role is -most importantly- to circulate it and get it out to as many people as possible.

And the business is finally getting healthier. Thank God for streaming, because it brings in revenue for the artists, labels, and everyone involved in the music side of the business. We put a lot of our efforts in the streaming business. Do you read them? Do you find them accurate? But if you can find ways to use it to better your output in whatever means, then use it. I personally love constructive criticism.

How do you feel about this? And thank God I had DJing and other businesses to help subsidize it at times when we were going through a very difficult economic growth period. We fought through the trenches, and we got to a place where some of the artists blew the hell up like The Chainsmokers, Deorro and Keys N Krates, where we build careers from the very beginning. I love being a part of that process and helping artists get to that point where they can spread their wings and do their own thing.

Why are we different? At the end of the day, music tends to your emotions, to your gut, to your core. The next day, Ultra Brasil would once again make electronic history in a Latin country with its debut in cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro. The whole scene was expectant and the focus was set on this new event being brought with a determination to stay and become a leader.

On Friday, feeling stoked, we got up early to walk around the grounds and complete our preparations for a weekend full of coverage. At first, before the doors opened, we strolled around the sambodrome feeling overwhelmed at the greatness of the building, envisioning traditional samba schools parading down the main street —about meters long— and looking at the stands on the sides, surprisingly symmetrical and oversized.

After surveying the venue, we went back to the hotel to rest for a while in order to fully. The attendees put in some serious effort to their looks, and costumes are everywhere. From face masks to full Mario Bros outfits, the locals bring the colourful touch the event needs. With three stages organized in the shape of a devil trident, the mainstage is flanked by two secondary stages set behind the stands.

Set across the whole stretch of the Sambodromo street, at one end it faces the huge dancefloor formed by the stretch of street between the stands. A few hours later, we go out to the field and head for the remaining stage. The UMF Radio stage was devoted to sped-up sounds, beginning with big-name trance artists and ending with full-throttle psy trance.

Set off to the right of the mainstage we were marveled by pyrotechnic explosions as we got nearer. The top-tier production created an interesting combination with the sambodrome surroundings. Standing on the UMF Radio stage dancefloor, listening to the engrossing sounds of Markus Schulz, we enjoy a picture-postcard sight of the hills that surround the city, lit-up by the lights of the houses that stand on them, in what is widely known as a favela. We stay for a long while watching Markus, who regales us with mostly trance numbers, doing justice to his alias, Dakota, with sped-up percussions that go on for quite a while.

The mainstage dancefloor gets more crowded as the hours go by, with performances that draw larger audiences than we ever imagined. His trap binge seems to work very well with the locals, and we get to see this out of the corner of our eyes as we prepare for a few interviews. The screen begins showing phrases and the audience seems delighted to enjoy their performance.

Next up is DJ Snake. Feeling tired, we go back to rest for the new day ahead. On Saturday, with the energy recharged, we wake up in Copacabana, the sky a menacing gray. When we get to the venue, the air is hot and sultry. It looks like rain. There are several hours ahead and it seems today the audience will be much larger. The Argentinian gives way to Felguk on the mainstage, and the Latin presence on it is worthy of mention.

People here are pressed together whereas others choose to stay somewhat away from this floor so they can dance more comfortably. Two underground stalwarts, Matador and Pan Pot, take the stage in turns. We could tell that the eventual performance of Carl Cox was going to draw a massive crowd. As we head for the backstage, the area below the mainstage is full of costumes, ambulant vendors with signs held up and a feeling of joy that reaches up to the stands.

From then on, it all seems to work by contagion. Having completed our interviews with artists such as Dash Berlin and Hardwell, we return to the scene. People are hooked and you can. They stay till the end, as we walk away in the opposite direction and the stage becomes smaller, in a picture-postcard sight of Rio that will remain engraved on our memory. The debut of the festival in Rio is a complete success and we can feel it.

And the cultural contribution the Sambodromo brings is the cream of the crop, in a venue where wild dancing is in the air. Early Bird tickets have already sold out, but Tier 1 tickets are available now exclusively at UltraBrasil. Showcasing some of the main talents in the Argentine scene, DAR! SonRisas is a nonprofit civil association that focuses on children at risk, facing the consequences of poverty and exclusion.

It is made up of volunteers from various professional backgrounds, engaged with reality and who undertake the task of combating social injustice. With a line up based on the back to back format, this was not only a good way to help those in need, but also a unique opportunity to experience some connections between the electronic Argentine elite. The sun shined throughout the event, and the music played not only served to make attendees dance, but also to unite us all under a message that had the same goal as the name of the event.

Among so many bad news hitting the country, this event was more than welcome to show the bond between artists and to promote music as a key driver to turn the page and pursue a noble objective. We are already waiting for a new opportunity for giving with Dar!. Mar del Plata is, in its own right, the city that attracts the highest number of tourists in Argentina, with over 1 million people from across the country visiting its most popular beaches in January.

In the last few years, the southern beaches —whose facilities have always been the hottest spots during the summer— have started to dabble in. This year would not be an exception. In fact, it would be one of the richest years in terms of event variety. With two great shows to celebrate the New Year, Mar del Plata once again was on the spotlight. Already into the new year, things would continue on a high note. A few days later, the city made headlines when a city mayor intended to put a ban on parties citing inadequate controls.

The stir caused in the media plus the potential monetary loss derived from the cancellation of all the scheduled events in the end tipped the scales and it was allowed to hold events with special attention placed on controls. This made all things go smoothly again. On January 13, the head of Cadenza Records, Luciano, performed at Destino Arena watched closely by the authorities — then things were on track again. The following day, the rain played a trick on us and John Digweed, who was over an hour into his performance, had to put an end to it and leave the booth to avoid the risk posed by the storm.

The gig was rescheduled to Monday afternoon, thanks to an effort by the artist, who ended up playing for a good number of hours: he started at 5 pm and ended at 1 am.

Do the math. The last week of January was up to par. With a clear preference for underground, the city came to the end of a month with amazing events held at venues appropriately fit for the occasion. We are looking forward to seeing what the next year brings.

For the launch of its brand new label, Stillhot agency, led by Martin Eyerer, Alex Flatner and Benny Grauer, brought together two of the most famous Romanians. After several years with no joint releases, they return majestically with three tracks of the most beautiful and refined deep house that we will find these days.

A new member of the ADID family, the muli-instrumentalist trained at Berklee College of Music, who fuses electronic and symphonic styles with jazz. Music to dream! The last work by the German promises to be a dance floor cheerleader in the months to come.

The two originals that make up the album have a marked Afro-house rhythm where percussion works wonders. One of the artists that have grown the most recently is undoubtedly English Cera Alba, generally related to styles such as house and tech, his foray into the deepest sounds is more than interesting. The organic rhythms and the clever ways in which he generates energy in his pieces are one of the most outstanding features that distinguish Till. In his fourth appearance on Berlines label, the talented DJ A great new release by the great Chilean producer, this time in collaboration with his fellow countryman, the rising Felipe Galleguillos.

The most underground microhouse for the track that gives its name to the EP that includes remixes of Spanish Jairo Catelo and of the talented Argentinian Jorge Savoretti. Based in Greece but born in Chicago, this experienced DJ and producer that mixes deep house with progressive and down-tempo, brings us two originals with the typical quality of the label, fine music.

The remix of VieL is great too! One of our favorite artists presents his new release, tells us his news and his plans forwe get into the kitchen of the talented Argentinian Manuel Sahagun. E synth that modulates along the track holding the groove and taking you through different climates. Also in parallel I am finishing the first releases with Cristian Burstein and with a different musical direction.

An old acquaintance of this section returns after a long time to prove that he is still more than present. With a sound increasingly refined and evolved, the Argentine prints his characteristic extra groovy deep-techie to the three originals that make up the EP.

It is no coincidence that the album should go out for sale on the label of one of the names that know more about this, Mihai Popoviciu. Press play! The multi-faceted producer, songwriter and vocalist John Graham, AKA Quivver, proves he is undoubtedly one of the most respected names in the electronic scene, always updated and original. Standing ovation! What have you been up lately? How did your end? Feels like will be an awesome year! When I got the remix parts from Sebastian Ingrosso I started right away and put my touch on it.

Which daw do you use? In this case, they joined the famous rapper Kid Ink creating a super catchy song in which the latter shines. A very clubby track but also very useful for the radio, with catchy vocals and fun lyrics. Ukranian young gun Omnia throws down an utterly perfect example of classic progressive trance energy that could have been lifted from the darker end of the Gatecrasher era, though with a slower tempo and requisite house grooves to give it that modern touch.

Armin Van Buuren is an extremely well-known name for all electronic music listeners throughout the world. His name is associated with the trance genre, since he has been the ambassador of that sound for more than a decade now, but sometimes Armin pleases himself by playing and experimenting other genres. If you are looking for someone who will never let you down, that person is Oliver Heldens.

Its owner, Don Diablo, uses it as an endless source of music for his solo project, both as brand and as generator of content. We always find it interesting when we see artists of the quality and influence of Kygo collaborating with pop artists or other artists from completely different genres.

In the past Selena has already made tracks with Zedd and received different remixes from different artists, so she appears to be quite interested in EDM and certain related genres.

The collaboration is a tropical house trademark, the genre created by Kygo and sung to perfection by the young star. Sovereigns from the depths Ed Rush and Audio bring us Killbox which presents them as they have always been: corrosive and technological. Bound to Others, an alien voice, introduces an aggressive LFO, Hype Cycle is a metallic crack trance, Pitch Fork vibrates directly to the cerebellum to produce involuntary spasms to close with Surge that will make waves on the dance floor.

They arrive at Shogun Audio with an exquisite selection of four soulful tracks among which we can highlight Find Your Way together with the singer Charlotte Haining, an instant classic, and the jazzman Moments Notice with winds and piano in a salsa scale.

Jaeger Clap is an epic half tempo that marches at a steady pace and then accelerates. But in Deathcamp Thirteen everything explodes with a neurofunk that exacerbates the techno anxiety. It is that they never do things halfway. Its second compilation is a clear example: 43 tracks out of which 21 are exclusive. The Brazilian duo Alibi returns with another hit that is already playing in many places: Trunk, with the contribution of MC Coppa, is a dark, dirty and groovy tech step.

First installment of the year of Metalheadz and a couple of tracks perfect for the Platinum selection, rough but exquisite rhythms. Bardarbunga has that Intalex atmosphere that drives us crazy. The third and final installment of the De-Evolution puzzle comes with 6 pieces which are, in turn, new ways of life.

The Upbeats transform the extreme technology into something organic. From hyperconnected humans to primates, then to amoebas and then to the Big Bang, right there sounds DeEvolution. As the symphony of that trip comes the melancholic Streetlight, Veiled explores the cosmos at bpm, but highlighting tracks does not do justice to this conceptual work that we recommend listening fully. One of the most interesting albums of already has its remixes. Probably one of the most iconic classics there is been reworked by RAM.

Giving it a sound but still keep the original feeling in it A massive rework that will work on each dance floor How did the idea of reworking this classic came to you? So I wanted to do a rework of it but also trying to keep some key elements in it.

Because the track is perfect like it is. So it was a tricky thing to do. Just give it a sound and keep the same vibe. The Argentine, who is at his best, is one of the most supported in recent times by the global trance elite. A track with great strength and a well- marked style which identifies him, and which we can see as another candidate for the 1st position in the top Do you have new projects for this ?

Lots of projects on the way and few collabs. Now working on a collab with Arctic Moon ft. Stine Grove. This will be something very beautiful. And, of course, Grotesque.

But even lots more to tell. They are so passioned. Argentina wins the trance cup awards… Everything is nice there. Clandestine, the new extension of the FSOE family, shows us the work which is fruit of the union between Aleksander and Johann which they named Rimur. We can say that this combination gave an excellent result since both have different styles and that is what makes this PSY track even more interesting.

On this occasion they present the latest work by Dutch DJ and producer Ram, who never ceases to amaze us with each new release. Another very good release by WAO in earlywhich looks like a great year for the genre. An excellent release by Subculture, as it could not be otherwise. This time together with Irishman Paul Denton, one of the producers of the moment, who presents us his most recent work entitled Curtain Call. A demolishing track from beginning to end, one of those with which the dance floor explodes.

We are in front of one of the candidates to the number 1 position in the chart without a doubt. Congratulations to the label and the author, and we wish you an even better !

Once again the Irish power is present in the charts! We can say that this track is strong and dynamic, what makes it effective on the dance floor. A very good track that we will undoubtedly see among the best in the ranking. A song that sends you shivers down your spine, an epic descent that gives it an air of anthem of trance, the experts in the subject know what we mean.

Another great candidate to rank high at the top ten. We wish the label a just as good as last year or even better. They have the characteristics and the talent to achieve it! The Mental Asylum is growing little by little. Faithful to their style, the Argentinian threesome achieved a good result which had a very good acceptance. Congratulations and we look forward to more. Many percussions and the right musical side, old school vocals with low pitch to hit the note of the synth that works as the song hook.

A completely different impression left on us this remix made by the techno legend Thomas Schumacher. Since Schumacher is an expert in creating clear and direct sounds in his more techno profile, the result is harder and even straighter than the original. It crowns the EP by not leaving room to think or dream and reflects the intention of the whole trilogy.

Faust is a track that we will hear in many sets! In this case, BPM could not be missing. The track par excellence in this compilation was in the hands of Iranian Habischman. The bass is rich and warm. Luca Donzelli Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD) it and its version is deeper and more bended, with distorted chords and a noisy bass which remains throughout the track and makes you want to dance.

Very good EP! Deep tech sound from their own label for Italians Supernova. This time, they edited an EP with 4 original tracks solidifying their own name and label. This is a groovy EP! This duo often shows what the fusion between house and its derivatives is really like. A strong hi-hat and opaque percussions play on the background giving it rhythm. Acumen is an underground artist who is often referred to as a referent and has a place in the sets of several melodic techno and tech house DJs.

Joe, the duo based in Berlin, is one of the most commented acts on the circuit at this moment with releases in Toolroom, Hot Creations and Mother, among others. The vocals add fuel to the fire, some colorful tunes bring the soul and the whole thing will really start up any set and get people to hit the dance floor. Techno sounds layered over the groove of tech house always give good results when you work well.

Vocals work here as hooks which keep buzzing in your head on and on. The vocals are very submerged throughout the track, mixing with science fiction synthesizers exploding on the surface and lots of energy. A great duo from Brazil releasing an EP for the label of the acclaimed Warung, famous for his beach environment.

A simple but solid groove is brought to life with a cleverly manipulated bass pattern and lashings of chopped up vocals. This is the rising Montel! What can you say about upcoming releases? I love working with John Digweed as he supports my music and Bedrock is a legendary label with 18 years at the top of the game.

They have a very strong brand and roster! Something new to recommend? When family life came along a few years ago, space in the house for equipment was at a minimum and all had to go sadly. Computers are so powerful now. Audiohell bets on new talents who are really going to get far. Jacking rhythms! Electrix A grinding, acid-heavy workout.

Remixes come from Larry McCormick - a droning, dancefloor reshape - and steely, buzz-saw, riff-heavy interpretations from Mr Velcro Fastener and Sync Afterlife What a techno monster! This team up between the Mind Against duo with Aether is the example of what dramatic big room techno is all about. The kind of track that work at techno festivals. The entire album is wrapped in a warm, analogue blanket that sounds like nothing else.

While this comeback EP does not teem with the raw unpredictability of vintage POFF releases on Peacefrog, it does stand out amid the morass of same-y house and techno. Cheeky vocal snippets, funk basslines, deft drum shuffles and liberal servings of disco loops make this an idiosyncratic release. This release on Slow Motion gives full vent to his ambient tendencies. The result was a system that eliminated the rotation irregularity of the motor, referred to as cogging.

This eliminates any unnecessary resonance being relayed to the record. Detachable cables. The GR models feature gold-plated phono terminals and ground terminals for use with detachable cables.

Check out images of the SLGR below, and see the full tech spec at the bottom of the page. With a lot of new music coming out this year, we sat down with him to know a little bit more about how he creates his productions.

How do you try to keep fresh in the studio? Music has no limits and gives the possibility to open your mind and your sound in many ways. Is there a common process that you use when you get in there? I get inspiration from different things every time. Sometimes I start with the melody, sometimes just with a very simple drum loop or humming a melody in the shower.

Trust me water has something special. Do you have some favorite softwares and hardwares that you use? FL studio is my go software, very easy to use and straight to the point. One of my key plugins is the Jupiter 8.

What would you advise to starting producers from your own experience? Be unique with your sounds! Work with love and passion those two elements are the ones that are going to help you to keep working for your dreams.

KhoMha is coming with lots of new music and remixes almost every month thisso keep in touch. It is not something easy to achieve. That is exactly what I want to talk about in this feature.

I have the studio in my house in Berlin. More precisely, in my living room, like many other producers nowadays. It is also very common to have the studio out of the house, in a rented room, for instance, but the truth is that for as long as I can remember I have always made music in my house, so the option of having that part of me in another place never caught my attention.

So the further from it, the better. Besides, there is nothing better than waking up and knowing that just by turning on some machines you can start working and with your breakfast ready waiting for you. As I was saying before, it is good to renew the instruments.

From the moment you see an article for the first time which catches your attention to the hours on Youtube watching reviews by some Russian guy who uploaded a recording with his cellphone of twenty seconds showing that instrument you want Anything helps when choosing the new toy. After an intense tour I had around Argentina in December last year, I came back eager to renew my stuff. InI closed the production year in November - before starting the tour around Argentina - with almost fifty tracks of my own, plus other collaborations with friends.

I felt that I had squeezed up the machines I had so, in order not to fall into the formula repetition from which I always want to escape, I replaced almost everything. It has individual 3. Then I send the rhythm from the DrumBrute but I prepare the notes in the modular so, together with the randomness and polyrhythm, very interesting things are assembled. The sound is very electronic. Some sounds are extremely similar to the classic sound but others, like the hihat, are totally different, which I love so as to be able to build layers of hihats with those from the TR8 although they also work very well alone.

Or, for example, if a sound takes a delay from the Time Force, I record everything along with the delay so that piece is as faithful as possible. I had a time - at the beginning of my career — when I spent hours and hours with automations, checking details until exhaustion. Anyway, I record the sounds separately since then I need them to play Live.

When making music, I like to start with the machines I have. The Arturia DrumBrute is a powerful, fully No sound presets! This makes it even more special. The sequencer has up to 64 steps and you can assign as many steps as you want for each instrument, so you can create interesting polyrhythms.

Another very powerful thing about the sequencer is that it has the option of randomness per track. You can see some Russian reviews on Youtube! I make use of the 4 independent outputs to be able to group and separate in order to process in the mixer -L: kick; R: clap and snare; A: hihats rides and crash; B: toms and rimshot. I have all the default expansions andplus. Many of the new percussions may sound a little raw but it is good to take them to a pitch end and then process with some filter or play with the delay, although I mainly use them for more classic sounds, such as the hihats of the or the claps of the and The toms are also sounds that I use quite often but always processed with modulation effects and pitch shifters -flanger, phaser, envelope filters or with lfos, and more.

You can enter notes in classic mode as step sequencer or you can also record them live with the virtual keyboard that is on screen. You can assemble patterns of up to 32 steps and you can also chain patterns, hours and hours of fun guaranteed. The idea of assembling one had been in my head for some time but I was postponing it because I knew that once you open that door you cannot close it anymore.

The extreme sounds and textures you can get are something amazing. I worked for many years with Reaktor, for example, which is a modular system but in a software.

I fell in love with the Make Noise 0-Coast from the moment Slide Away (D Product) - Various - XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee (CD) saw it for the first time on a Youtube review.

This time it was no Russian guy. It was the nice bald guy from Sonic State. It has the WestCoast Style sound structure with additive synthesis and no filters - as opposed to the subtractive, where you give the character to the sound with filters. It comes with a Triangle oscillator but you generate overtones with a Square oscillator and with its corresponding Multipliers - yes, it is information for nerds. The envelopes are typical of Make Noise, which you can loop generating crazy lfos, plus a classic envelope.

I love the sound of this synth as well as the fact that being semi modular I can integrate it with the modular. Just as it is and without patching too much, you can get bass sounds, leads or random noise if you want It is very versatile! I really like the sound. It is very powerful and acid.

The good thing is that not only can you get classic sounds like TB but you can also get completely different sounds. There is a software editor with which you can enter the brain of this synth and generate your own sounds, with effects like delay, reverb, distortion, flanger and more.

I usually use it when I want to add some sequence with a classic acid sound. The sequencer is great and is super intuitive with. The Pocket Operator PO14 was a gift from my brother three years ago, as soon as it hit the market. Thanks, Ari! The sequencer is step type, where you can enter the note for each step and it also lets you record automations - deforming the sound or adding. Also, it is synchronized by 3. The Microgranny 2.

It is more on the lo-fi side since you can record with the built-in microphone or through its 8-bit line input. Or by using the micro SD card you can load your own samples but at hz sampling. It was also a birthday gift this past month: I have two theories, either they love me very much or they are throwing me hints that I should change my sound It is very immediate, you load anything and it deforms it in a second - it can also be used as a classic sampler.

I spend a lot of time tweaking parameters. Just in case, I leave it recording all the time. Many happy accidents are lost in oblivion by not recording during the process of looking for a sound. Effects are indispensable when I assemble the sounds. The delay is inexpensive but has enough options like eleven types of delays, loop function and you can record layers on top of each other.

The modulation pedal has the function for which I bought it: you can mix two effects at a time. For example, you can have a flanger plus a filter at the same time.

Very interesting! And the Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork I use mainly for the oscillators of the modular since, being monophonic, I can generate triads. They are quite bad and tricky but, after so many years together, I already know all their tricks. Its recent Global edition in Rio de Janeiro has taken a big number of professionals and dance music enthusiasts to three days of activities. It also promotes RMC Club Week, a night program in partnership with clubs in the city that can last up to two weeks, and the closing festival Rio Music Carnival during the world-famous carnival holidays — this year brought acts like AfrojackDimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Vintage Culture and Illusionize.

The discussion on the professionalization and expansion of the market, the content distribution and re-traing of professionals and its circling around new trends in music, technology and techniques make RMC a great convergence point.

In RMC there has been since the launch of the Market Yearbook — a printed publication with data, facts and other information about the market in the previous year — and the ceremony to deliver the RMC Awards, which had its 6th year in The RMC Awards are a celebration that recognizes professionals, companies and artists that stood out in the year before.

The RMC Awards are voted by more than acting professionals in the market from all regions in Brazil. RMC is a great event for DJs and music producers too. As the main exponent of the wishes and tendencies of the electronic music industry, RMC encouraged the interaction between DJs, journalists, producers, promoters, advertisers, entrepreneurs and various other entertainmentrelated areas, and provided the necessary environment for the industry to continue growing in Brazil and receiving healthy business partnerships even in an economically uncertain period.

We catch them to talk about how the complement each other in the studio…. We decided to explore the production world before releasing something with our own sound. Is there a particular sound that you are looking for? In our next releases, you will hear music from to bpm.

What differences do you find between remixing and creating something from scratch? We really enjoy both processes and both have their own obstacles but we believe that the most important is to have. Juan Pablo is beyond the technical stuff while I —Jorge- know a little bit more about musical theory.

And then, from there, we create some chords with a synthesizer. After that, we focus on the track structure and by the end we go back to the arrangements. This process may vary because we can build the track around a hook or a sample but it usually works like this.

We let the creativity flow and we take a few. Which software do you use for production? Maschine for the drums from time to time. We are very excited about our releases in Adrian Hour is one of the most successful Latino talents in recent history.

The support he received from Mark Knight, head of Toolroom Records, was essential to develop this new process of his career as an artist. Since then, this young Argentinean left his other works and dedicated his life to music, representing his hometown around the entire world, sharing booth with the biggest names of the dance music industry.

The label is run by the brothers, and they get help from their manager, Shauna Slevin, with everything, and Matt Tolfrey, the English DJ, producer and head of Leftroom Records. “Matt is. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Mar 22,  · Rock Cd Records Voices From Afar Mari Sainio fcde0f-bfff75b WM Finland Shell Records DK Mixed Feelings Fried Egg cbcbf64 Shout Recordings Black Label Moving Away Joey Pecoraro 07cbda0eb9-a7dc-fb5 Powerless.

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collecting orders for repress..! After 4 years of celebrating underground electronic music through their events, Distrikt Paris is launching their record label. For the first rele.

collecting orders for repress..! After 4 years of celebrating underground electronic music through their events, Distrikt Paris is launching their record label. For the first rele. Beatport Access FTP, 0DAY-MP3 Music,free tracks, Downloads mp3 music format, Musik, Muzik, Musica, DJs Club mp3s, shop buy ftp server, 0daymusic, .

Beatport Access FTP, 0DAY-MP3 Music,free tracks, Downloads mp3 music format, Musik, Muzik, Musica, DJs Club mp3s, shop buy ftp server, 0daymusic, .


Sick Man - Schlitz - Schlitz (Vinyl), Dance Wit Me - Rick James - Reflections (Vinyl, LP), Sly (Underdog Double Bass & Accapella) - Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 (Box Set), Untitled, Mixed Emotions - Just For You (Vinyl, LP, Album), Eens Komt Er Een Dag - Various - De Mooiste Levensliedjes 4 (CD), Im Not In Love, T Is The Message (Battle To End All Battles Mix), Arcane - Johannes Volk - The Awakened Guardians (Vinyl), Juju & Jordash - Time Slip (Vinyl), Various - Hellfest Open Air 2006 (DVD), Josephine - Milt Herth, Willie Smith (The Lion)*, ONeil Spencer - Josephine / Lost In The Shuffle (S, I - Musumeci - The Gemini Project (File, MP3)

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of XFade Label Showcase: V Recordings Mixed By Bryan Gee on Discogs/5(6).
  2. Baixar e ouvir V Recordings, download mp3 4shared, youtube palco mp3 Temos um catalógo com milhares de links de mp3 para baixar grátis de forma segura confira!!
  3. v recordings mixed by bryan gee. xfade label showcase (uk xfade cd08 apr) cd 01 d product - faithless (v) 02 krust - war-head (v) 03 die - autumn (peshay mix) (v) 04 die - autumn (dillija mix) (v) 05 trinity - supa niggers (chronic) 06
  4. Music Downloads kbps Tracks DJ Trax Songs mp3 remix, mix rmx, Trance Dance Techno House Electro Psychedelic Duch-House Private FTP Server Member Vip Users ftp.
  5. The label is run by the brothers, and they get help from their manager, Shauna Slevin, with everything, and Matt Tolfrey, the English DJ, producer and head of Leftroom Records. “Matt is.
  6. Mar 22,  · Rock Cd Records Voices From Afar Mari Sainio fcde0f-bfff75b WM Finland Shell Records DK Mixed Feelings Fried Egg cbcbf64 Shout Recordings Black Label Moving Away Joey Pecoraro 07cbda0eb9-a7dc-fb5 Powerless.
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