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Position (Instrumental) - S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Daibar

S.O.E. [a] Artist. Edit Artist ; Share. Marketplace 4 For Sale. Vinyl and CD Discography; 3 Releases 1 Albums 2 Singles & EPs 4 Credits 2 Production 2 Technical S.O.E.* Position / Submarine Goggle. What’s missing from kevinbeacham's music collection? Dig through their Wantlist on Discogs and shop the world's biggest online music marketplace. Bad is the seventh studio album by American singer Michael was released on August 31, by Epic Records, nearly five years after Jackson's previous album, Thriller. Bad was written and recorded in nearly a year, and was the final collaboration between Jackson and producer Quincy faharderimarneusobisecocontge.con co-produced it and composed all but two Pop, rock, funk, R&B, dance, soul, hard rock.

This track did not get featured on the vinyl releases, but was taken from the compilation called Parasols 02, also released on Plink Plonk. I know nothing at all about The Naturists besides owning one of their CDs. This track was taken from the album called The Friendly Islands released on Interactive Records in This Claude Young mix of Two Voyages was originally released as twelve inch and cd maxi inbut my version is taken from the 3xCD compilation called Plastic Apple. Masked Detroit collective Scan 7 has been releasing music for a long time, creating unrepairable holes in my wallet.

This track was taken from their album called Resurfaced which was released on vinyl and CD on Tresor in Just a few months ago, I also purchased a polish I'm guessing bootleg copy of Resurfaced on tape. I don't even own a cassette player. Originally released on vinyl inI picked the Terraforming track from the compilation called The Collective, released on West in Octave One started out in and are still going strong.

I can't remember how many times I've seen them, but I've made to sure to see their live act in both Berlin and Stockholm in the recent years. Uwe Schmidt has so many aliases, so many that i should dedicate a specific shelf to keep track of his releases.

I own the first two albums and they're absolute bliss. I've used a number of his tracks in my previous mixes and will continue to do so. This particular track was released on Club Craft inbut my version is taken from the CD album. This is the track called Avalon from their album called Las Vegas. It's also featured on the twelve inch called Las Vegas Pt. Nico - Pulse [Go! Bang Records - ] Luke Slater's 7th Plain - Pearl [Volume - ] Link - The Augur [Symbiotic - ] Spice - ] Plastikman - Plasticide [NovaMute - ] This is some proper ambient that I will feature a lot more.

This album also came with the 9 crates I purchased earlier, which got mentioned in the ramblings of the second episode. Records from seems to be quite wanted on Discogs.

Maybe it's for the main tracks called Urgent and Target? Mastermind Luke Slater is mostly known for his Planetary Assault Systems project, but in the early 90s he made a string of releases under his 7th Plain alias. I'm glad he's resurrected this project. This track was not featured on the album or any twelve inch release, but was instead found on the compilation called Trance Europe Express Vol 3, released on Volume in I've mentioned the Trance Europe Express booklets earlier.

Get them as well as the CDs! I wonder if I will play music by Mark Pritchard in every episode? There's a big chance this might happen, seeing how extensive his catalogueis Global Communication among others. The Augur was released on Symbiotic in Impolite To Refuse received a repress and some new mixes a few years ago, but it's actually a track that saw its release in on Astralwerks. I mostly know Claude Young for his faster upfront techno similar to Jeff Mills, but this is a more experimental track.

Jori Hulkkonen is surely among the top producers coming out of Finland, producing a wide variety of styles.

It was also featured on the twelve inch release named Inside Me. The Movement is a little known alias of swedish producer Aril Brikha. The tracks can only be found on compilations by Dunkla Quality Recordings. This particular track was taken from the compilation called Hardclubbing 4: Scandinavian Sound Design from Some known selector must have played tracks by this label lately, looking at the Discogs prices for the Sorted Tracks twelve inch. Oliver Lieb's Spicelab alias is well known player in the world of early techno and trance music.

Spy in Gate Dub was taken from the compilation called Nightvision which features a series of tracks released by Orlando Voorn. Voorn's back catalogue features a lot of interesting tracks, but I'm not too intrigued by recent outputs. Probably my favourite trance-sounding track at the moment. Meng's Theme received an unnecessary remix by Joris Voorn recently, but there's no reason to pay any attention to it.

The original version is all that is needed. Behind the alias is Jeroen Verheij who's also known as Secret Cinema. Vegas Soul is an alias by Chris Cowie. Time Flies was taken from the excellent compilation series Dream Injection's fourth installment, released in It was also featured on the album released the same year on Bellboy Records.

I haven't dug too deep in Cowie's catalogue, but there are a number of recently reissued Aquatrax tracks that tingled my ears. I don't really know what Riche Hawtin is up to these days besides playing for bros in Ibiza, but in the early nineties he had a lot of interesting projects going on. I probably like Plastikman the most - I bought that expensive boxset with a thousand disks - but F.

Dimension Intrusion was lifted from the album sharing the same name, released on Plus 8 Records and Warp Records in I only own the non-instrumental version, which is unplayable because it features the original vocals.

No Frankie Bones though? Hawtin again. Ludovic Navarre, mostly known for the St. Germain alias, has a history of great acid and techno releases on labels such as F Communications and its previous Fnac Music Dance Division.

These Fax compilations and albums go for ridiculous prices but I got lucky when finding several at the same time for basically no money at all. Theorem - Mantra One [Plus 8 Records - ] The Kooky Scientist - O. Motion Control - Handcuffed [Universal Code - ] Alter Ego - Electric Bedroom [Harthouse - ] Colone - D [Labworks Germany - ] Percy X Vs. For the intro to the fourth mix, I chose a track from the album The Chemical Bride which was released on Silent.

Dale Lawrence was releasing a number of very minimalistic and dubby techno in the late 90s and early 00s. Mantra One was originally released on vinyl on Plus 8 inbut I picked my version from one of the CD compilations. Dylan Hermelijn's had his hands in many projects during the 90s. Nowadays he's mostly known as And One. During the summer of I heard his set at Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, but nothing he puts out nowadays can touch his old releases.

The track can also be found on Planet Gong's quite pricey 2x12" released on Djax-Up-Beats in the same year. Chicago House pioneer Marshall Jefferson decided not to include any erotic whispering on this compilation-only track he did together with the Lumpheads. Weirs is an album Luke Vibert made together with Jeremy Simmonds. It was released on vinyl in and later on CD in I'll be playing some of Vibert's tracks later on as well.

Mostly tracks he made under his Wagon Christ project. I've gathered about half of Dunkla Quality Records catalogue. Besides releasing a small number of vinyl from 96 to 98, they also released a series of CD compilations called Hardclubbing. The name of these compilations might fool a potential buyer into dismissing them as some kind of hard dance junk, but they're all quite good. Another quite good project on Dunkla was called Minimalisterna.

The track I picked was released on their album called We've Left Kansas. I'm unable to find The Kooky Scientist's album in my shelves. Either it got lost or sold long time ago but I remember buying it in shortly before moving to Stockholm. This track, however, was also found on the same compilation as the Theorem track played earlier in this set. When looking at the discogs page for Motion Control's Digit album my wantlist starts growing rapidly. Originally I intended to write something about the Norwegian label Beatservice and a few words about this release, but instead I'm checking my PayPal balance.

There seems to be heaps of interesting Norwegian releases out there. It's definitely an artist I need to discover further, seeing as he's been releasing experimental techno on labels such as Metamorphic Records as well as collaborations with producers such as Morgan Geist and John Tejada. When heavily pitching down CJ Bolland's track called Pendulum, it changed from fast-paced intensity to a slow, bleepy techno track.

So much better than the original speed if you ask me. Glasgow-based label Out On A Limb has a number of releases worth checking out. I picked up the album by Manual called Tuneage when digging in Gothenburg a couple of years ago. The Baby track also got a vinyl release, but my version is taken from said album. I haven't paid attention to recent releases by Robert Babicz in a very long time, but the projects he was involved with in the 90s are always worth checking out.

Acid Science Trax Vol. Luckily it's also available on a number of CD compilations in my collection. It features many brilliant tracks, and I chose to play Ramp One. Another producer with a name that throws my thoughts towards awful hard dance. To my luck, Percy X doesn't fit the criteria. I found this CDM when browsing some swedish charity shop a long time ago, not really knowing who Percy was, but seeing as it was released on Soma Quality Records it became mine for roughly a euro.

Enhanced - Knaqua [Planet E - ] Fugue - Contrapoint [Likemind - ] Nubia Archade - Six Fingers [Blackstrobe - ] Cirrus Minor - Zulu [Silent - ] Reel By Real - Distance [Infonet - ] Paranonia - Symmerian [Nova Zembla - ] Biochip C.

Limited - ] Ian Pooley - Rosarium [Force Inc. Hiroshi Morohashi - Two [Plink Plonk - ] It's nowhere else to be found unless you count russian bootleg editions. It wasn't. It was quite awful. There were of course a number of hippie forest ravers with dreadlocks really enjoying it, but most of the audience were bearded men in glasses who did not want to their daily dose of smurf.

When looking at Discogs it seems like Knaqua by Enhanced was reissued on vinyl in along with a bunch of other older tracks. I don't own this particular compilation, but was lucky enough to find on the Quango Records compilation Dimensions In Ambience 2 from The only problem I have with Likemind Records is that they've released such a small number of records.

To my luck, they're all pure quality. They're fetching high prices on the second hand market, so none of them are in the collection yet apart from the CD Types - A Kudos Sampler which contains the excellent Fugue - Contrapoint. I will be trying to hunt these down, as I would like to play all of these tracks in this mix series. The compilation called Demonstrations Vol. I don't know anything about this particular radio show, but it sure sounds like something I would have passed on as a kid, seeing as I was too busy listening to eurodance at the time.

I picked the track Six Fingers by Nubia Archade. The compilation was released on a label called Blackstrobe in There are a number of great tracks, and Spooky knows how to deliver them. I also seem to own the original vinyl released on Guerilla in The short-lived project called Cirrus Minor only seems to have released one whitelabel vinyl and a number of tracks only existing on a few CD compilations.

Martin Bond's Reel By Real project got some fairly recent attention once again when his old tracks were reissued. In the early 90s, many of his tracks were featured on Detroit and techno related compilations. I took Distance from the compilation named Detroit which was released on Infonet in I don't know which superstar selector played this in a Dekmantel or Boiler Room set, but the interest for the Audio Quest - Luminous Egg has spiked towards people paying more than EUR for a copy.

My memory can't tell when I obtained this record, but I will be sure to revisit these tracks when I start playing tracks from my vinyl collection. So far, all have been from CD. Kim Rapatti, the producer mostly known under his Detroit Diesel and Mono Junk projects also released a number of releases under his own name. Like most of his tracks, Position (Instrumental) - S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (Vinyl) too got a recent reissue on vinyl.

My copy was taken from the compilation Dum Trax which was released on his own Dum Records label. Paranonia was a short-lived project that made one album, a single and a handful of compilation-exclusive tracks. Symmerian was taken from the self-titled album which was released in on Nova Zembla. Mastermind Robert Hood used to make music like this in the early 90s.

Here's the track called Perpetual Motion which was released on Underground Resistance in More Carl Craig outputs. Galaxy was taken from the Elements which was released in Martin Damm has released music under a great number of aliases and I won't try to put them all on memory nor write them down. One of the most prolific ones is Biochip C - a project I know as quite harsh and rough.

Not this track, though. In the next installment I will be including one the remixes she made for The Orb. It can originally be found on the Force Inc Limited vinyl from Two was taken from the Plink Plonk compilation released in I own a few of Hiroshi Morohashi's releases, but sadly not the most sought-after and most interesting ones. I'm not sure if Stacey Pullen released this under his own name or through his Bango alias.

A project which released one track this one exclusively on the Equanimity compilation on GPR in In the next episode I will be featuring more tracks from this compilation. Show this post Hey mate. Just grabbed all of these for listening to this week - exceptdidn't have a download link! Can you set one up? Also re: Percy X - if you're not aware, he records these days as Edit Select, and I suspect you would like his output.

Show this post thanks for sharing these and your experiences digging for the records too. You are right! Looking forward to digging in and listening to the mixes : Drox.

Show this post Thank you both! I seem to have forgotten to enable download on ep 4. This is now fixed. Facil - x 7 Sky Mix [Instinct Ambient - ] Centuras - Tokyo [Kinetix - ] Kenny Larkin - Maritime [Warp Records - ] Fred Giannelli - Clearvoyance [Superstition - ] Hab - Ocra [Dot - ] Spiral Tribe - Darkside [Butterfly Records - ] Unit Moebius - Biosoft [Bunker Records - ] Autechre - Doctrine [Warp Records - ] Redcell - Interim [B12 - ] The Octagon Man - Klunk [Electron Industries - ] Some incoherent ramblings about these selections: I usually stay away from compilations where the name "Ibiza" is included in the title.

What it usually means is the same 12 balearic tracks compiled in a different order than that other Ibiza compilation you just skipped by. The compilations called Real Ibiza are a little different, and actually contains tracks worthy of some playtime.

Little information is provided on the Steps-Dis-Charge project. This particular track was taken from Ambient Systems 3, released on Instinct Ambient in Part 2 of this track seems to be released on Ambient Systems II which means that my wantlist just grew a bit.

Abe Duque and Dietrich Schoenemann got together and recorded a self-titled Facil album in as well as a number of compilation-excklusive tracks. It's a compilation released on Outersanctum, a Canadian label which seems to have released two vinyl releases in the early nineties as well as this compilation.

It features a number of great bubbling acid, ambient and techno, many which I will play during this series. The vinyl releases are not in my possession, but I'm hoping this will change. Tokyo can originally be found on the Ascension EP released on Kinetix in When I was digging in the kringloop stores in the outskirts of Eindhoven about a year ago, I stumbled upon the 4CD compilation called Amberdelic Space. Luckily it wasn't one of those awful new-age tantra compilations with panflutes.

Instead it contained many full-length tracks which are very welcome in my collection. I picked one of the tracks called Die Kosmischen Kuriere not sure if it's track 4 or 5, but whatever. My favourite online store started offering free shipping aroundso when I placed my first order from this place, I pretty much picked everything that looked interesting. The Quadruped V.

I listened to quite a bit of Eat Static, Banco De Gaia and other similar projects at this time, all which had releases on this label. The category on "where the hell to start"? The only Greinke album I own is Changing Skies, so that was easy for me. These old-timers may have 80 full-length ambient albums available for listening, so it's so easy for me to skip out on. I need to take it in smaller portions, I guess.

For some reason, I don't own the Warp compilation called Artificial Intelligence yet. This track, however, was taken from the second installment in the series. I have no idea what he's playing or making nowadays, but in the 90s he provided a lot of great tracks from a bunch of different aliases other than his own name.

Lark, Pod and Dark Comedy comes to mind. Before going too trancey, Superstition was home to some very nice techno. Fred Giannelli — Telepathic Wisdom Volume 1 really looks like a CD that I would pass on when out digging, but it's definitely worth to bring home. I picked the track called Ocra from their album called MaPod.

Spiral Tribe is another project which I need to dig deep into. Darkside was taken from the album Tecno Terra released on Butterfly Records. Thank you, previous owner. I took their atomspheric track with the same title as the album for this mix. Sorry, Mac, for pitcing it down! The UR of Europe. Unit Moebius has en extensive catalogue of different-sounding releases. Biosoft was taken from the album Status, released on KK Records. Apart from two albums, I own very few of their tracks. Most of them seem to be available on reissued vinyl as well as digital, so this will change in the near future.

I've been trying to collect all of Andrea Parker's releases since I heard her track called The Unknown. When I bought The Unknown, I knew nothing about her, but instead picked it up because it was released on the Mo Wax label. Speaking of her, she's made a great remix of Depeche Mode's No Good, but I'm unable to play it because of the original vocals. It's such a heavy track ruined by this ill-fitting singing. I've got nothing against the original track, but the vocals must depart from this mix.

One of my favourite albums on Warp Records is Incunabula by Autechre. Doctrine was taken from this album, a time where Autechre made this bleepy, melodic type of music. I'm still intrigued by their output but these early albums will always remain on top. I saw them live in Stockholm a couple of years ago, but I can't remember much of the music. The whole concert was played in pitch black darkness.

People kept moving around, so instead of focusing on the music, I had to telepathically watch out for elbows and shoulders. When B12 reissued their catalogues in a number of CD boxes, I made sure to grab them all. These ones are an absolute necessity. Recoil - Shunt Panasonic Mix [Mute - ] Astral Engineering - [Worm Interface - ] Richard H. Kirk - Velodrome [Warp Records - ] In-Existence - A Mood [Apollo - ] A Positive Life - Warehouse 5 A. David Morley - Calibration [Apollo - ] Iberian - Boiling Eggs [F Communications - ] Krilly - Frozenfood [MFS - ] The Sentinel - Awakening [Basement Records - ] Skanna - This Way [Skanna - ] Studio Pressure - First Sequence [Photek - ] The Man - Hapku [Playdoe - ] Acid Jesus - Disappear [Klang Elektronik - ] Yennek - Dancing Tides [Volume - ] Music Works - ] Soofle - How Do You Plead?

Show this post Lots of old school classics in your mixes! Nice sets! Prism - Soft Tone [Deviant Records - ] Freeform - Many [Skam - ] Prototype - The Path [Buzz - ] Sandoz - Ocean Reflection [New Electronica - ] Kenny Larkin - Chasers [Distance - ] Show this post WildDragon.

Lots of old school classics in your mixes! Thank you! A lot more to come. Starborough about 1 year ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. Show this post Looking very nice indeed!

Will check during commuting coming week Show this post Awesome set of mixes X-Asp - P69 [Rephlex - ] Shiver - Oiled Love [Shiver Records - ] Ismistik - Phidou [Djax-Up-Beats - ] Access 58 - Horizon [Pacific Records - ] Illumination - Black Sun [Beatservice Records - ] Earth Frequency - Betawave [Uptown - ] Russ Gabriel - Digilogic [Force Inc.

Resistance D - Paranoid [Harthouse - ] Random XS - Aftermath 1. Groof - I Want You [Minifunk - ] Charlie Hall - DAF. Unk [So Dens - ] Ability - Pressure Dub [Bassic - ] Exocet - Lethal Weapon [Catt Records - ] Shriekback - Coelocanth [Arista - ] Basic Channel - Radiance 1 [Basic Channel - ] Thomas Fehlmann - Superflowing [Apollo - ] Atom Heart - Sand [Recent Programmings - ] Deepchord - Deepchord Album Track 06 [Deepchord - x] Solvpil - GTV [Multiplex - ] Brommage Dub - Brommage Dub [Svek - ] Quaker - Porto [Tresor - ] Tomas - Mind Song [Warp Records - ] Kosmic Messenger - Concrete [Volume - ] Sympathy Nervous - Emergence 1 [Nova Zembla - ] Voice Stealer - Acrobat [Subvert - ] Simulant - Spectre [Scopex - ] Markarian - Unitone [Sonar Audio Research - ] Swayzak - Burma Heights [Swayzak Recordings - ] Synectics - Zycoon [Rephlex - ] Subtonal - Drone [Elektrolux - ] Bandulu - Invaders [Infonet - ] Lemon Sol - Memorandum [Guerilla - ] Prototype - Lab [Sonic Records - ] John Tejada - Vermillion [Multiplex - ].

Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang [Philips - ] LFO - Helen [Volume - ] Scanner - Safety [Volume - ] Biosphere - The Third Planet [Volume - ] Orbital - Semi Detached [Volume - ] Autechre - Slip [Warp Records - ] Node - Alternator [Volume - ] Mouse on Mars - Maus Mobil [Volume - ] Biosphere - Microgravity [Origo Sound - ] Unreleased - Unreleased [Unreleased - 19xx] Second hour by Kiskelfacit Syrup - U. Alcove - Question Of Trust [Barramundi - ] Cyberia - Life Extension [Hypercycle - ] Khao - First Bite [!

K7 Records - ] Protype - Understand [Instinct Ambient - ] Me-Sheen - Sonic Lullaby [Reflective - ] Joey Beltram - Orion [Warp Records - ] Huntemann - Phreaks [Confused Recordings - ] D-Shake - N. Fluffy Mix [Go Bang! Records - ] Feed - Federal [Drop Bass Network - ] Porter Ricks - Biokinetics 2 [Chain Reaction - ] Lull - Thoughts [Virgin - ] Scala - Hold Me Down [Touch - ] Drum Komputer - E.

Femme Machine [Instinct Ambient - ] Epicurean - Crystaline Darkness [Blackstrobe - ] Lustmord Vs. Autophonic - Mechanics [Phonics - ] Freeform - Refane [Skam - ]. Stewart Walker — Cocoa [Force Inc. James Barth — Holliday [Plumphouse Records - ] Gemini — Counting Sheep [Peacefrog Records - ] Pascal F.

Mono Junk — A [Trope Recordings - ] Anthony Rother — Untitled A3 [i - ] Joey Beltram - Synewave 37 B1 [Synewave - ] Theorem - Nebulus [Plus 8 Records - ] Maurizio - M6A [Maurizio - ] Encephaloid Disturbance - Sulk [Dance Opera - ] Patrick Lindsey - Loony Loom [Harthouse - ] Absolute - Class Of [Force Inc. Quadrant - Infinition [Planet E - ] Hardtrax - Hardphunk [Probe Records - ] Audiotech - Phase Two [Metroplex - ] Scan X - Wood [F Communications - ] Yazoo - State Farm [Mute - ] Armando - Downfall [Trax Records - ] Hercules - 7 Ways [Dance Mania - ] Huhta - Midnight Express Part 1 [Svek - ] Stefan Robbers - Foreign Dimensions [Buzz - ] Quadra - Spiritual [Frogman Records - ] Stasis - Express [Ferox Records - ] Ultradyne - Dyslexia [Warp Records - ] Nuron - Mirage [Likemind - ] Interloper - Surrender [Plink Plonk - ].

Cybersonik - Technarcy [Plus 8 - ] Foul Play - Finest Illusion [Section 5 - ] Alien Mutation Vs. Ebi - Chuu [Space Teddy - ] Ultrahigh - Instigator [Mille Plateaux - ] Mad Mike - Deepspace 9 [Submerge - ] Floatpoint - Landhip [Sun Music - ] Omega Speaks - Idiot Bliss [Hypnotic - ] Immersion - Metal Sea [Swim - ] Biosphere - Cloudwalker [Apollo - ] Primitive Painter Position (Instrumental) - S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (Vinyl) Levitation [Klang Elektronik - ] Mick Aragon - Blue [Zulu Records - ] Jega - German [Planet Mu - ] Voi - Schwingungen [New Zone - ] Morph - Planet Sweeper [New Electronica - ] KGB - Stark [10 Records - ] Gherkin Jerks - Parameters [Gherkin Records - ] Pure - Optical Illusion [New Electronica - ].

Nu Model - Deepstraction [Free Zone - ] Jacy - Trax [Safe Trip - 19xx] Entropya - Mind Cables [Extreme Records - ] Curd Duca - Mod 6 [Mille Plateaux - ] Coldcut - Onamission [Ninja Tune - ] Quadruplex - G-Hop [7th Voyage - ] Wavescape - Silicon Jazz [4th Wave - ] Formic - Plus [Formic Records - ] Planetary - First Contact [Metamorphic Recordings - ] Mono Ekagra - Crucitechnician [Probe Records - ] Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis [Network Records - ] Ismistik - Monospace [Djax-Up-Beats - ] Rhythim Is Rhythim — Drama [Transmat - ] Neal Howard - Indulge [Network Records - ] Vince Watson — Mystical Rhythm [Alola - ] Rhythim Is Rhythim — Emanon [Transmat - ] Hallucination Generation - Electrosphere [Thunderpussy - ] Robert Leiner - Autopia [Apollo - ] Ultra - Barwork [Multiplex - ] Ultramarine - Trace Elements [Totem Records - ] Relais - Busch [Incoming!

Choice - 78 [Fnac Music Dance Division - ] Aril Brikha - Setting Sun [Transmat - ] Octave One - Night Illusions [ West - ] The Aztec Mystic A. Infiniti - Game One [Metroplex - ] Sympletic - Space [Ifach - ] Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes - O. Baby Ford - Blow Back [Insumision - ] Centuria City - Plenumia [Hot Trax - ] Low Freequence - Possessed [Ohm - ] Hi-Ryze - Hybrid [Brainiak Records - ] Francois Kevorkian - Mindspeak [Wave Music - ] Mental Overdrive - Entropy [Beatservice Records - ] Mindbender - Energize [Not On Label - ] Rhythm Invention - Chronoclasm [Warp Records - ] Nitrous - Asteroids [FX Records - ] Pulsation - Pulsar [Harthouse - ] Brain Pilot - Psylink [Nova Zembla - ] Syzygy - Meditation [Infonet - ] Slam - Emotive [Soma - ] Nitevision - Spacerace [Synewave - ] Caustic Window - Italic Eyeball [Rephlex - ] Darrel Fitton - Blipsalt [Warp Records - ] Modo Recordings - ] Surgeon - Depart [Tresor - ] Basic Channel - Q1.

Reload - Peschi Album Mix [Infonet - ] As One - Shambala [New Electronica - ] Envoy - Good Company [Soma - ] Rhythim Is Rhythim - Sinister [Network - ] Heychild - Heychilds Theme [Network - ] Neuropolitique - Fusion-Neu [Irdial Discs - ] Kenny Larkin - Aurora [Art of Dance - ] John Beltran - Deluge [Peacefrog - ] Dan Curtin - Ride [Peacefrog - ] Paul Mac - Donk [Fragmented - ] Model - Infoworld [Transmat - ] Tura - Soft Key [A13 - ] Crypt Corp.

Dismembered Quietly - Alteration [Furnace - ] Leo Anibaldi - Muta 3 [Sub Terranean - ] Bola - Forcasa 3 [Skam - ] Crystal Moon - Silent Pool [Kinetix - ]. Solitaire - Awakening [Recycle Or Die - ] Scan X - Turmoil [F Communications - ] Node - Levy [Deviant Records - ] Aquila - Aqua Divae [Psy-Harmonics - ] Tupilaq - Bliaseau [Audio Pollution - ] Pan Sonic - Lomittain [Blast First - ] Pentatonik - Devotion [Waveform Records - ] Muslimgauze - Nabius [Staalplaat - ] Claude Young - Wind Up [7th City - ] Techno Grooves - Hiawa [Stealth Records - ] Graphite - Vibes [New Electronica - ] MaX - May the force be with us!

Infiniti - Flash Flood [Tresor - ] Patrick Lyndsey - Loony Loom [Harthouse - ] Norken - P. Morgan Geist - Airpour [Environ - ] Titonton - Metaphysical [Metamorphic Recordings - ] Neutron - Butterfly Holocaust [Profile Records - ] Fingers - Dream [Black Market International - ] Planet Love - Bw2D [Superstition - ] Quadra - Water Lily [Frogman Records - Position (Instrumental) - S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (Vinyl) Nev - Chewy Soulmate, Somedy [Volume - ] Insync Vs.

Mysteron - Next World [10th Planet - ] Sean Deason - Wisdom Mix [! Stasis - Utopia Planetia [Peacefrog Records - ] Cracked - N.

Fire Dept [Superstition - ]. Synaesthesia - Consciousness [Zoth Ommog - ] Astral Engineering - Ring [Worm Interface - ] Balil - Island [Rising High Records - ] Cylob - Foid [Rephlex - ] Mysteron - Human Loop [10th Planet - ] Ultradyne - Crimson Dynamo [Warp Records - ] Selway - Data Stream [Instinct Ambient - ] Detune - Memories [Pod Communication - ] Bigeneric - Spadix [The Spacefrogs - ] Milan - Earthloop [EM:T - ] David Morley - Subterranean [Apollo - ] Sensorama - Zone 30 Plaid Rmx [Ladomat - ] Gemini - The Wave [Distance - ] Remy And Sven - L.

Ohhhhh [Astralwerks - ] Stranger - Krakatoa [Plink Plonk - ] Depeche Mode - Kalied [Mute - ] B12 - Basic Emotion [Warp Records - ] Speedy J - Flashback [Warp Records - ] Ross - Mayflower [Eevo Lute Muzique - ] Kraftwerk - Europe Endless [Capitol Records - ] Beaumont Hannant - Utuba [Warp Records - ] Paradise - Earth Vs.

Space [Sun Music - ] A Positive Life - Spacehopper [Beyond - ] Pure - Knowledge Among [New Electronica - ] Specialized in tree trunk sculptures by Balinese master artists.

Open 7 days a week from 9am to pm Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. Pop Art gallery specialising in the works of Australian expat pop artist Bret Polok. Many affordable sized canvasses of original works. Reasonable nego is acceptable. Laksamana arthaus. The gallery provides a showcase for contemporary Indonesian art, hosting some major exhibitions yearly to help promote gifted local artists. Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar www. Raya Singaraja-Seririt, Gg.

Dewi Sri, Lovina 62 81 E. Tegallalang, Br. Nagi Ubud, Bali 62 F : 62www. Professor Ida Bagus Mantra No. Local and regional artists, rotating exhibition. Hayam Wuruk No. Gajah Mas Gallery has a quality selection of traditional n modern Balinese paintings.

Hanoman at Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud 62 Jl Raya Sayan Ubud 62F : gayacac gayaceramic. Featuring local and international artists based in Indonesia with frequent openings. Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran 62 Open daily, from 8am to 8pm Jl.

Focusing on young, mainly local artists with higher education in the arts, who may have studied abroad. Monkey Forest, Ubud 62F : gallery komaneka. Basang Kasa No. Jalan Petitenget no. Rotating exhibition featuring both local and international artists, as well as a range of medium. For over 45 years, Purpa has committed to represent and exhibit a selection of modern fine art paintings by well-known local and international artists.

Cok Rai Pudak No. Promoting French and local artists, as well as arts including exhibitions, performances, film screenings, literature, etc. Specializing in French and Indonesian teaching. Open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm Jl. Raya Puputan I No. Nyoman Sani In the world of arts, she is one of the not-so-many women who has reached widespread acclaim.

She is all about woman, unceasingly empowering other women through her art. Through her MotherArt Space, she seeks gifted young women, enlightening them to keep growing in the world of arts. What is your art all about? My art covers women. Other aspects like their gestures and fashion also make exciting ideas to be laid on canvas. How did you first meet the idea of creating these female figures?

The idea sparked when I was doing my final project. The students were asked to make 12 original works. I was a bit confused about what I should make, but at the same time, I was reading a book about an urban life titled Midnight in Jakarta. I started painting women and their lifestyles which were not too much explored in Bali at that moment.

This project was back in What is the characteristic of your art? The head cutting. What I want to convey here is that people are not perfect, including women. We are lacking on many things, and how I portray it is through the depiction of their heads. There will always be the face and the hair, but if you look through it, you can sometimes spot that either their nose. With this vagueness, I believe my objects still look good and pretty when they are actually imperfect.

As a female artist, what challenges do you face most? The challenge is to face the other artists, who are mostly men. So, as women artists, we have to keep our existence by continuously creating art. When there is an idea coming out, we have to put it into realization immediately.

Nyoman Sani exhibits in Art Patio until May 20 www. The Trans Resort Bali Jl. And it is. This spot exemplifies the atmosphere the Trans Resort Bali has successfully fashioned a serene, oasis-like repose from the noise of. For foodies, once you have had your sun fix from the sandy pool, head to The Restaurant for authentic Indonesian, Chinese, and Western cuisines; The Lounge Bar for some delicious cocktails; or up to The 18th Rooftop Bar for a sunset-backdropped experience overlooking Seminyak.

This beauty studio has an edgy industrial look featuring concrete walls and exposed bricks, as well as minimalist shelving made from wood and metal — which all represents the young and chic mood they are offering. At the rear area of the studio, there is also a room offering space to get your tattoo or piercing done. Using exclusive products, it is a three-step treatment which helps regenerate the quality of your hair, as well as improving its condition instantly.

Not only is it treating your hair, each step is also punctuated with pleasant aroma to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the treatment. Our treatment itself began with determining the products which fitted our hair type.

After the shampoo, our hair stylist applied Step 1, which was the Amino Oil, designed to smooth out the bumps on the surface of our hair. This was then followed by Step 3 which was the Smoothing Collagen. As we waited for this final coat to absorb, we also received a soothing massage which was very relaxing.

We felt that our hair was more protected and conditioned, showing a shine and texture which we really loved. Finally, this treatment also came with four ampoules purchased separately to be used at home,once a week for four weeks. There are various hair treatments offered in their menu, including the fashion hair coloring that is oh so popular nowadays.

Meanwhile, for your nails, they have options like nail art, manicure and pedicure, as well as acrylic extensions. Last but not least, they can also do tattoos and piercings for you, making them a one-stop solution for those who want to look edgy in a truly artistic style. Teuku Umar No. Its marine-grade ABS housing provides a watertight seal for the included HD camera that captures the beauty beneath the surface at x resolution.

A static diving system enables the submarine to hover underwater as well as travel at up to two knots. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply.

Straight out of a sci-fi movie, this Vitamin and Mineral Status Device is an innovation that provides both insight into your vitamin and mineral levels and personalized advice on improving your health.

The free mobile app saves and evaluates the history of measurements so you can keep track of your progress. It also connects its featured EAV methodology with your smartphone to give advice for a healthier lifestyle. Zip up your tracksuit, assemble your crew and bust a move to some RunD. No glue or scissors required. Or if you fancy plugging it in and using it at home, it comes with a handy microUSB cable.

Usually it takes your passing away to get a copy of this book, but we managed to snag a few without having to go to such extremes. Just make sure no one else finds it. It comes with hundreds of blank pages to fill with your own exciting stories. Endpapers feature blue and white stripes with skull, cockroach, and arrow pattern. DJ Chevy keeping up with the standard prog house set!

And these guys rocked it, a stunning show; musically and artistically! Solid show! He really knows how to read the crowd! Look on the Seminyak map in this magazine for reference. For more details send an email to Air Ari Fitness info beatmag. Bali offers all styles of dining options from budget to fine-dining. Very stylish dining in the center of Ubud. International fine dining Jl. Raya Ubud Ubud Map G-9 : International cuisine F Love Hotel Jl.

Raya Legian No. Seminyak Square Jl. More than excellent food Serving quality food until C offers an evolving seasonal menu within a warm and sophisticated atmosphere from breakfast through to dinner. Canggu Club, Canggu. Raya Ungasan, Uluwatu, Jimbaran : Karma Kandara Jl. Nakula 18, Seminyak Seminyak Map L-5 : : Pasific rim cuisine with dishes gleaned around the region Jl. Fine international dining right on Seminyak Beach Jl.

Double Six No. Offers chic and casual atmosphere with vivid and bright ambiance, serving light fare such as scrumptious yet healthy salads, delectable homemade sandwiches, mouth-watering deserts and decadent signature cocktails Jl.

An inviting grill restaurant featuring fire cooked prime meats and sea-fresh seafood. Petitenget, Kerobokan Seminyak Map E-1 : www. International and American style food while rocking your socks off Jl.

Pantai Kuta Kuta Map G-2 : Petitenget, Kerobokan Seminyak Map E-5 : www. Traditional, stylish eatery famous for its international and Indonesian cuisine Jl. Great steaks and other meats on offer in stylish surroundings Karma Jimbaran Jl.

Bukit Permai, Jimbaran Bay : F. Fresh and delicious Japanese food Jl. Laksmana Oberoi 80, Seminyak Map G-4 : www. Cantina Mexicana Jl.

Drupadi No. Petitenget No. Daily Opening Hours: From 5. Moroccan restaurant, shisha lounge and bar. Open for lunch and dinner Belly dancers every Friday and Saturday from 9pm Jl.

Petitenget, Kerobokan : www. Famed throughout the land, this restaurant is a must for all foodies Jl. Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran : F. Watch the world go by from our garden terrace or sip a cold drink after shopping at our friendly Lone Palm Bar.

Enjoy our brand new menu and those famous home-made cakes and desserts 8am till midnight Jl. Fave Hotel Seminyak Jl. Camplung Tanduk Dhyana Pura No. Fine dining experience on the beach featuring French cuisine Jl. Greek restaurant Jl. Laksamana Oberoi 52, Seminyak Map G-3 : www. New Asian cuisine Jl. Japanese cuisine, sushi and various drinks Jl. Mertasari No. This restaurant can boast ultimate views overlooking some of the best surf waves in the world Discovery Shopping Mall Jl.

Heaven in the heart of Kuta since Dine out beneath a canopy of flowers, amidst pools and waterfalls Jl. Japanese, Western and Indonesian food. Great quality and prices Jl. Dewi Sri No. International flavors at great prices with a fantastic and vibrant atmosphere Jl. Laksmana Oberoi Seminyak Map G-4 : The longest established Japanese restaurant in town Jl. Raya Seminyak No.

Danau Tamblingan No. The Stones Jl. Laksmana Oberoi No. Cool spot by the beach, serving a wide variety of great foods Jl. Dine an authentic Indonesian cuisine under Balinese gazebos with beachfront and sunset views Discovery Shopping Mall Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta. The best sports bar in Bali Fast quality food spot with live sports on the big screens every day of the week Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jl.

Cemara 27, Sanur Sanur Map K-3 : rama-restaurants-bali. Serving barbeque ribs and much more Jl. Republik 45 brings the best of traditional Indonesian cuisine prepared to the highest standard. Jl Raya Kerobokan 86a : www. Serves special Greek cocktails, Happy hour pm every night. Live entertainment Friday,Saturday,Sunday. Batu Belig No. Canggu Plaza Jl. Drupadi, Seminyak : Jl. WerkudaraLegian, Kuta : Jl.

Pantai Brawa No. Street side cafe serving sandwiches and salads and stylish evening Jl. Casual and relaxed dining Jl.

Cucina Italiana and very popular eatery. Menu changes daily Next door, enjoy lunch and pizzas Jl. Fine dining Indonesian and Chinese cuisine in luxurious traditional surroundings Jl.

Italian Restaurant. Excellent Italian food at value for money prices. Garden and air-conditioned settings, and intimate dining area in the rear. Live music most nights Jl. Italian, Western and Indonesian food. Open from 11am till midnight, serving lunch and dinner Jl. Italian restaurant with a relaxed yet elegant setting overlooking swimming pool F Love Hotel Jl. Wood fired pizza and pasta, grilled burger, and pork ribs Jl. Dewi Sri 88x, Kuta : Live music with soul, fire dance performance on Tuesday, contemporary band performance on Wednesday, and live music salsa style on Thursday Jl.

Pantai Kuta Kuta Map G-4 Nakula 18, Seminyak Seminyak Map L-5 Big screens, sporting events, pool tables, darts, karaoke and free jukebox Bali Dynasty Resort Jl. Great stuff in a laid back space with tasty international cuisine Jl. Glendys Monica on saxophone on Wed. IZE Hotel Jl. International, regional and national acts grace the stage every night of the week One of the biggest live music venues in town Jl. Pantai Kuta Kuta Map G-2 For years, this place has been the place for fine food and jazz A cool spot for music lovers with live bands every night and regular performances by Indonesian legends Jl.

By Pass Ngurah Rai No. Been around forever and popular with the older Aussie tourists who like Bali the way it was Jl. Swim up to the pool bar and order the favorite beverage or snack Opens 9. The best live music venue in Legian area every night. Top 40, also acoustic for dinner time Jl. This is a list of music bars and dance clubs supplying drinks, music and comfortable surroundings.

Love F Hotel by fashiontv is the first fashiontv hotel in the world. The hotel combines Balinese hospitality and high fashion concept. Jalan Raya Legian no. Enjoy wholesome food whilst being entertained by a live band seven days a week. Big screens, sporting events,pool tables, darts, karaoke and free jukebox. Bali Dynasty Resort Jl. The newest hotspotbar in Batubelig.

Serving brutal martinis and other wild cocktailswith daily special promotions. Great, south of the border cocktails. Downstairs later it booms to House music. Free of charge for contestants from 11pm — Midnight Fridays and Saturdays. Hrs: Late : Jl Legian, Kuta. Kuta Map F - 4. Bypass Ngurah Rai no. Beachwalk rooftop, Lv. Pantai Kuta. Rsv Kuta Map E - 2.

Artisan cheeses, imported and housemade chacuterie with more than 40 selections of wines to pair. Mingle with fellow jetsetter and be part of the sensual transition into night over fresh iced cocktails and champagne. Sunsets and late night clubbing at a beachside venue. For those who party way beyond dawn For the headstrong Hrs : Restaurant - Bar - Lounge Jl.

Legian No. Beach Club with absolute beachfront in front of the famous Berawa surf break with striking bamboo structure. Visitors can laze away the day in the sun from the comfort of single and double day beds on a white sand beach or swim in a stunning 30 metre infinity edge pool with swim up pool bar and underwater speakers.

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu : Legendary venue that defies category DJ led with downbeat sunsets, picking up later on. Watch out for the seasonal parties that attract a jet-setting cosmopolitan crowd. Hrs: Late Jl. Laksmana 9, Seminyak : Seminyak Map H - 1.

Funky resto lounge bar on two floors with quirky Italian styling. Hrs: All Day Jl. Legian 52, Kuta : Kuta Map F - 4. House music venue with resident DJs.

Hear your favourite classic and funky house Thursday- Sat 10pm -4am. Terrace open all week 6pm-1am Food available In house offers on drinks every week.

Raya Petitenget Seminyak Kuta : 89 e. Legian Kuta : Kuta Map F - 4. Great place to play bowling and billiard with music from DeeJay Cafe. Hrs:All day Jl. Kartika Plaza No. Mysterious, fresh and spacious. Club open from 11pm till dawn. Bottle promotions. Jl Dewi Sri No. Resident and guest DJs 7 days and nights a week. Jl Petitenget.

Petitenget, Seminyak : www. Award winning sunset venue and bar on the rocks. Enjoy the edginess of Romeos contemporary glass windows and exposed brick walls while indulging in down-to-earth house specialties, with live music every week from Tuesday to Saturday.

Jalan Padma Utara, Legian : www. The only whisky lounge in Bali with the most extensive single malt collection. The Most Rocking Bar on the island. Enjoy your first drink on us! Four floors of the clubbing, bars and dining in the centre of Kuta.

Fun place and good food. Once in a while they have special music events. Live sports on the the big screen. Strike offers the latest, most modern tenpin bowling experience in Bali. Let the good times roll at Strike Ten Pin Bowling. Canggu Club Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu : www. Guests can swim up to our Pool Bar and order their favourite beverage or snack. Open: 9. Club and bar with an outdoor and indoor area. Resident and visiting DJs.

Legian 88 Kuta Bali : F: E: info viaipibali. Eat, drink, flirt and play here — a three-storey epicentre of partly alfresco fun in the sun — or at sunset. Sightsee and sip from the sky deck atop the club and boogie to international DJs spinning mixes. Share some gossip, catch-up for an afternoon tea or enjoy a cool Martini, as the bold and the beautiful catwalk their way across the room!

The Biggest cellular shop in Bali. Selling mobile phones, PDA, accessories and gadgets with competitive prices. Make sure to buy mobile phone with original warranty and protected from damage and water splash Jln. Teuku Umar no 60 Denpasar : Laksmana No. Basangkasa No. Sunset Road No. Monkey Forest Ubud : Nakula Blok 3, : Legian-Bali Jl. Laksmana 61, Jl. Raya Seminyak 63, Jl. Legian Kelod no.

Legian : Jl. Kerobokan store Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. New Shopping Mall right on the beach in Kuta, featuring top brand shops, department store, supermarket, restaurants, games for kids Jl.

Kartika Plaza : Kuta Map I - 1. Tukad Unda I Barat No. Pastries And Exquisite Truffle Delights. Legian Legian ,Bali : Jl. Laksmana 69, Seminyak : Savour a wide variety of luscious French pastries, exquisite truffle delights and gourmet meals to go. Pantai, Kuta-Bali : ext. Raya Seminyak Seminyak Map J - 5. Offering fashion for the fuller figure in resort wear, as well as an eclectic array of artefacts and gifts Jl. A showcase of quality traditional and cultural products and many other activities that will make a memorable shopping experience.

Raya Kuta No. Abian Base, Kuta Bali : www. Raya Seminyak 38B : Jl. Raya Pantai Kuta 29 : Jl. Surf Clothing and Accessories Jl, Position (Instrumental) - S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (Vinyl). Legian, Kuta Square, Jl.

Melasti, Jl. Sunset : Kuta Map C - 3. Jalan Legian gang popies 2 in front of Bagus restaurant. Legian Bali : Kuta Map E - 4. Pantai Kuta No 29B Jl. Laksmana - Oberoi : Kuta : Seminyak Totem room escape is a phenomenal physical adventure game which a group of people are locked in a room and have to use any available elements, solve a series of puzzles, and find clues to escape within a set time limit.

Kayu aya no. Sogo Discovery Mall, www. Collection of Rockabilly and Punk style clothing made for all dem punkers. Gandaria No. All the top surf wear labels under one roof including the signature Surfer Girl brand. Legian Kuta Map F - 4. Legian, Jl. Bakungsari Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur. Anantara Seminyak offers a Bali spa resort experience that soothes, pampers, rejuvenates and revitalises in an inimitable, beautiful surrounding.

Opening Hours: KutaBali :E: bali arcclinics. Glam up for the evening with a facial or beauty treatment or recover after a long night at WooBar with signature AWAY massage. Yudistira, Legian : - fax: - Enjoy authentic spa massage after a very busy day Jalan Raya Legian no.

Kunti Seminyak info glo-day-spa. Danau Poso, Sanur, Bali. Unrelenting relaxation and pampering. The biggest spa venue in Indonesia with rooms beds and professionally trained therapists. Feel the magic hands only at Puri Handayani. Come to Us! Kuta Map F - 7. Mixed Martial Arts teaches you how to effectively defend yourself against a bigger and stronger aggressor.

Padma Utara, Legian, Bali : or info allseasonslegian. Jln Raya Basangkasa Gang Mangga no. Jalan Abimanyu Dyana Pura No. Jalan Raya Petitenget No.

Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran : or www. Bypass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. Pantai Berawa, : www. Totem room escape is a physical adventure game which a group of people are locked in a room and have to use available elements, solve a series of puzzles, and find clues to escape within a set time limit. For more Position (Instrumental) - S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (Vinyl) www. Fornot more information other promo strikebali. Over the past weeks there have been at SUBSCRIBE least six red days which is great for salaried workers having sunny holidays but one only wonders how the economy Get the beat delivered direct to your door survives such an onslaught of free time.

We noticed a 12 months 26 issues Rp. The Beat Bali Contact: Advertising: sales beatmag. Starts pm generated at BeQRious. Starts 9. Genre: House, progressive house, nu-disco To all you cool cats and smooth playas! Genre: house, techno, tech house generated at BeQRious. Open daily 7ampm. Capsoul, Top Buy 1 pizza get 1 free Draught beer.

Double your money. Non members welcome on guest pass. Start 9am-6pm. Buy 1 Tiki cocktail get 1 free. Sunset happy hour pm. Start 4pm-late. Starts 6pm onwards Weekenders Techno and house. Starts 11pm Saturdance. Open daily to the public from 5pm. Featuring Live guest DJs, cocktails and tapas.

Feat resident DJ. Starts 6pm onwards Rockin Sunday. Starts 10am onwards Sunday Roast. Home band, resident DJs. The Facebeat live, tribute to The Beatles at 9pm. Daily live music from pm. Starts 6pm onwards Rewind. Starts 10pm onwards Coffee Corner.

D'noble, bubbly blues. Start 9ampm Rooftop Movie Night. Lindy Hop. Quartissimo with swing jazz. Starts pm Locally Session. Starts 10pm Fun after school. Starts 9am-9pm Amazing Happy hrs 11am-7pm Buy 2 get 3. Free entry. Open from 1am.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. In recent years `culture' has become a central concern in a wide range of fields and disciplines. This book introduces the main substantive and theoretical strands of this `turn to culture' through the medium of a particular case study: that of the Sony Walkman. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

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The third issue of the / season is in full swing! OSM takes the Alpha Dog for a walk and takes a look at Ski-Doo's new R. All this and more from North America's Largest Snowmobile Magazine.

two otherswhojiiold a reasonably monetarist position. But you'll get.- gobs. of indoctrination that = starts ataMcGovern-type economic witch-doctbry, and goesiileftglf you try tO'find someone whoadvocates or teaclie's-§or'_ig.~ even a the.._ Austrian Stalled or Anarcho-capitalist econbmics, youll probably get a puzzled look. The third issue of the / season is in full swing! OSM takes the Alpha Dog for a walk and takes a look at Ski-Doo's new R. All this and more from North America's Largest Snowmobile Magazine.,, held the position of, deputy director- of Selective Service for tint Canal Zone for the pagt year. i During his absence, , L, 'Ander Sint will act as rhief of 'the Admi.. nistrative Mranch. Week Ofjune Proccloimed Youth Fitness', eek Attintion Juts .


Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode - The Singles 81 → 85 (CD), I Fell In Love (Radio Edit) - Queens (2) - I Fell In Love (CD), Silverwear - Ananda* . Rose* - Silverwear (Vinyl), Raid Sur Delta - Zetazeroalfa Drumo* - Estremocentroalto (CD, Album), Groovy Bubbles - Tesox - View Through The Past (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dirty Money - Kaya* - Kaya (File, Album), You Gave Me A Mountain - Various - Country Class (Vinyl, LP), Lara Leaves Yuri - Maurice Jarre - Doctor Zhivago Original Soundtrack Album (Vinyl, LP), Сирин - БГ-Бэнд - Письма Капитана Воронина (Концерт В Вятке) (CD, Album), Bad Habit - Offspring* - Smash (Cassette, Album), Various - Hits On Five 4 (Cassette), Ronny Mo* - Falling (Vinyl), Das Posthorn, Front Seat Driver - Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band - Mr. Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz B, Mãe - Joaquim Moreira - Á Mãe De Qualquer De Nós (Vinyl)

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Position / Submarine Goggle on Discogs. Label: The Sonar Recording Company - MC • Format: Vinyl 12 S.O.E.* - Position / Submarine Goggle (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(7).
  2. S.O.E. [a] Artist. Edit Artist ; Share. Marketplace 4 For Sale. Vinyl and CD Discography; 3 Releases 1 Albums 2 Singles & EPs 4 Credits 2 Production 2 Technical S.O.E.* Position / Submarine Goggle.
  3. What’s missing from kevinbeacham's music collection? Dig through their Wantlist on Discogs and shop the world's biggest online music marketplace.
  4. Bad is the seventh studio album by American singer Michael was released on August 31, by Epic Records, nearly five years after Jackson's previous album, Thriller. Bad was written and recorded in nearly a year, and was the final collaboration between Jackson and producer Quincy faharderimarneusobisecocontge.con co-produced it and composed all but two Pop, rock, funk, R&B, dance, soul, hard rock.
  5. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.
  6. In recent years `culture' has become a central concern in a wide range of fields and disciplines. This book introduces the main substantive and theoretical strands of this `turn to culture' through the medium of a particular case study: that of the Sony Walkman.
  7. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation.
  8. A dictionary file. dict_files/ This class can parse, analyze words and interprets sentences. It takes an English sentence and breaks it into words to determine if it is a phrase or a clause. It can also counts the total number of words in a sentence, checks if a word is a palindrome and can generate a new sentence with almost the same meaning using synonyms and other.